Why is my ex breaking no contact after 7ish months?

I had kind of a rocky relationship with my ex, we both were in stressful situations at time we were dating. We broke up sometime last May. Throughout June she contacted me a lot, called me a lot, and tried to be friends, but also at various times told me she thought we could get back to being more than friends. Sometime in June she just ignored me when I tried calling one day and that was it. A month later I tried texting her again and she responded a little bit but it wasn't anything. She basically told me she couldn't be just friends with me but at the same time didn't think she could date at the moment.

I tried again in maybe mid July to text her and she never responded and then I heard she might be dating another guy so I deleted her phone # and moved on, actually dated another girl for 4 months during that span.

Last night she just texted me out of the blue. Her first text was just "Hey". I had deleted her # so I responded "Hey, who is this?". I really didn't know who it was. We ended up texting back and forth for a while, about 10 texts each way mostly just catching up. So I really don't know what is going on or why she texted me after so long. She didn't really seem to have a reason to, as the conversation ended up just tapering off because it was late at night. I can't tell if she really just wanted to check in or if she wants something more.


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  • don't read too much into it right now,go with the flow.

    • So she has a boyfriend...but has still added me on fb and just called me tonight and we talked for over an hour on the phone...

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    • Thanks. She called me the other day and talked to me for over an hour. She does have a Boyfriend though so I am not sure what that's about

    • shes keeping her options available

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