Should I give up on my ex?

We dated for Almost six years, He recently broke up with me, not in a mean way at all but told me he still wants to celebrate our anniversary, valentines, Etc...I mean he says he wants his space but when I do he gets hurt or upset that I'm not heartbroken I don't get to spend time with him. I am just confused as to what he wants from me. He knows all I want is him so I don't understand where all of this is coming from? can any guys out there shed some light on this?


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  • As a girl, I can surely 'shed some light on this," sweetie

    He wants his cake and eat it too, to sort of speak. He doesn't really want a relationship with you, with all strings attached, but at the same time, he wants you in his life, to "have this space," and possibly be just this friends with benefits. Perhaps this explains the "sweet words of celebrating cozy candlelight dinners" still, and with someone he has shared Almost six years with. This is giving him a chance to call the shots in this new found, next-to-nothing----relations.

    What I have found with today's guys, they get in a long relationship, suddenly feel trapped and smothered, needing "room to breath,' and some, like him, won't completely sever the ropes, but in turn, will pull on your heart strings just to "stay a part of your life and in---your heart." You then are just a convenience.

    You say you are not all that broken up that you don't get to spend time with him. Perhaps, you yourself, needed a much called for break from him.

    But yes, I can see where you both are coming from, and although it seems confusing right now, you will better understand what he is "asking" as time goes on. It's your choice what to do with your "little valentine,' but if it were me, I wouldn't let him sweet talk me into anything more bewildering than it already is.xx


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  • Keep celebrating anniversaries? Well it's not an anniversary if the relationship ended, is it? Sounds to me like he's lost his romantic interest in you. He is selfish enough to want to keep you around, so he doesn't lose you completely, but he's also able to play the field. I think it's time to cut ties.

  • Essentially, he doesn't really want YOU.. just your undivided attention.. and for you to suffer because he doesn't want you ..but wants YOU to want him lol.. LMAO... sounds like a psycho..

  • he wants to date other girls but he wants you fawning over him and giving him the attention of a relationship without you two actually having to be in one as its best of both worlds for him. it means he can date who he likes but he has a back up girl who he can fall back on when he's bored and string along. he's upset when you give him space because he's worried he will lose you to another guy and he won't have his backup if the new girls don't work out

    • Agreed. Why celebrate an anniversary or v-day with someone you broke up with? Something better is deserved here.

    • So true, don't let a man use you like that. Don't be an option be a priority.

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