What to think of bfs baby momma drama!?

Iv tried to help his ex out with their son!

She thinks I have a thing for her husband and started a bunch of drama.. and now that me and my boyfriend got a kid .. she is wanting us to stay out of her life (me and my daughter)... Iv done my best... But what does that make her look like! Is she still wanting to be with my bf.. her baby's daddy?


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  • Sounds as though she wants just YOU to stay out of her life and away from her husband. I am not seeing the connection here with your boyfriend and her, except that honey bunny is your "baby," and they are NOT together, and I don't see where she even gives a "baby's bottom buck" about him, except to get support money, and to see his kid.

    However, stay away from her at all costs. She sounds to me like she is "one upset mommy." And on top of this whole Drama Queen saga it's mentally not good for you and your own daughter.

    Mommy Dearest needs to get a life, and your best bet would be to stay out of hers, and on your side of the play ground. Let honey handle Marry, Mary Quite Contrary and his own babes in toy land.

  • Get out of the situation


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