Do you think my ex wants me back?

A few months ago, my ex and I of 2 years broke up. I was very unwell during the majority of our relationship and it put a big strain on it all. We didn't get to have fun often because I was either feeling unwell or one of us were broke. He lived with my family and I and we got on each others nerves too much too. He broke up with me and I think one of the main reasons was because of my anxiety, it holds me back from a lot of things. I feel like he gave up on me.

But the other day he messaged me saying he has been thinking about things between us for a while and he hasn't known weather to tell me or not but he said he missed the connection we had. I replied saying I missed it too. Then he asked how would I feel about meeting up sometime, I said I'd think about it. Do you think he wants me back?I'm extremely confused about how I feel and I have mixed emotions. I know an ex is an ex for a reason, but if I don't see him I'll never know what could of been. I miss him. Could he possibly just want to be friends?I'm so confused.
We met up, he told me he wanted me back. I said I would think about it and then I told him I would like to try again. Then I said what do you think or are you not 100% sure? He then said he isn't 100% sure and asked if he could have till Monday and he's going away camping too. He said so maybe then he can get some advice. I feel so angry, he tells me he wants me back, then I say I'd like to try again and he turns around and says he isn't sure. WTF I'm so mad and feel so hurt.
I feel like he is stuffing me around. And he had said well it's a big thing. And I mean I understand that and all but to turn around and say that is unfair. I don't know weather to give him time or tell him it's now or never. I feel so stupid now too.


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  • Talk to him, and you'll know. It might not be pretty; so, don't get your hopes up.

    • what do you mean don't get my hopes up I mean, would a guy just want to meet up with his ex only to tell her he just wanted to be friends or what?

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    • no I was worried that he would take advantage of having power, but the main thing I cared about is how I felt about him. Either way he didn't contact me on Monday, why would he do that :( tell me he wants me back, then turn around the next day say he's not sure, asks me if he can have more time and then doesn't contact me...I'm not a toy he can just mess around with

    • He's not worth the trouble; move on and find someone else. At least, you have closure and you can close this door.

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  • When your past calls don't answer

    it probably has nothing new to say.


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