I really loves him, what should I do?

I was with my ex for 7 years and we have a 3 year old daughter together. back in October I found out he cheated on me with this girl. When I confronted his he was just like he didn't mess with her and she was somebody from the area that just buys him weed whenever he wants her too. I stop sleeping with him and everything. After a month of talking she let him move in with her. But she still was telling me he loves me. I told him that we only needs to talk about our daughter. It seems like they have been getting serious lately. I really loves this man and I want to be with him but I'm scared he won't take me serious. I don't really talk to him unless he's checking on his daughter or he just pops up to my house. Then he's always worrying about who I'm talking to and always wanna go through my phone to see who I be texting and everything. I really want to be with him but I think I've waited too long. its been since the end of November that he's been gone for good. He came to see me 1/14 on my birthday but got mad Because a boy I met was texting me and took most of his clothes with him but he haven't taken all of his everything. I really miss been with him and he was everything to me but was like I nags and complains too much. I don't know what to do


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  • Stop nagging and complaining. Why can't you just enjoy being with him? Stop worrying about the little things that piss you off... like how he moves the sponge in a counter-clockwise direction when he does the dishes but how EVERYONE knows that the sponge has to go clockwise, why is he so stupid?

    I'm exaggerating and I don't mean to insult you. It's a very real problem though and I went through the same thing with my ex. She nagged me about everything. I can tell you that it pushes guys away when you do that. I'm sure you've heard people say that guys visit hookers sometimes just to relieve the stress of being at home... Well, that's why. The nagging is the stress. I'm sure that for a lot of guys they cheat because they are stressed and they just want a girl that's nice to them, even if they have to pay for it.

    Maybe he really does love you. Maybe not... moving in with that chick so soon is kind of weird, to be honest. But I'm not judging. You know that song by Big Sean, "Beware"? I swear that applies to guys. Just because they cheat doesn't mean they don't care.

    If you really want him then say so. Tell him to come back. No questions, just move on from there. Don't be asking him about what he did with the other girl. Start fresh... and this time no nagging about little things- or find a better way to do it. Maybe you can trade your nagging for him sleeping around. Just a suggestion if you REALLY REALLY want to make it work.

    • Thanks and I understand everything that you is saying. But he still chooses to see her so I told hi that maybe we should focuse our communication on our daughter for now. I mean if he really love me he will soon realize it on his own and realize what he did was wrong. And I guess he moved in with her because I was the only one there for him and if we constantly had problems he had to find somewhere to go

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  • You want to be with a guy who cheats on you and moves in with a new girl the second you break up? You can do better.

  • Sounds like a winner. Another case of women liking bad guys...


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