How can I move on after a heart breaking break up ?

I honestly don't know how to cooperate with this breakup. We broke yesterday and we were mature about it and said it was only for our own good. Since that same night we got in a really nasty argument after I knew that 2 years ago she didn't tell me exactly what happened when she cheated on me ( she said she kissed someone else but she didn't have sex with that person) and for 2 years she lied to me and swore on everything she had but everything was lies, that argument lead eventually for her to spit on me, slap me, insult me in every way. she even started to scratch my face and turn all the situation on me while I'm the one in pain. I couldn't control myself so I slapped her which I felt really bad about after. I started crying in front of her like crazy, started bleeding from my nose. I was all over the place. After agreeing to break up, she comes to my house instead of going to school. We hang out at night despite the fact that after 2 years of dating this girl and trying to make her my wife she lied to me about everything. After hanging out that night, before she was going home, I started talking about why was she giving her friend more time than me. She even told her friend to sit next to her in front and put me in the back which I saw really disrespectful. She stopped in front of my house, so I tired to talk to her but all she did was open the windows and start yelling so everyone can hear. She even started calling her mom telling her that he doesn't wanna get out of my car. he's yelling at me. While her mom loved me so much because she saw me as good guy who took care of her daughter. I don't know what to do, I'm heart broken really badly, I have no one in los angeles. I left my family in another country to come for college in Los angeles but also I came for her after doing one year of distance relationship. I've never cheated on her in any way.All I wanted is from her is to be a good girl to me. So basically I have no one and I don't know how to move on. It seems so impossible! Pleasee help me. I'm thinking about all kind of shit to do to myself because of this girl.


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  • I am really sorry for your pain right now.

    Honestly, there are 3 things you can do to help this.

    1) go out with your friends and keep yourself as busy as possible

    2)go out and meet someone new. Only then, you will realize what crap your ex is!

    3)try to talk to her and get her back

    From what I just read, she is not worth it! She needs to grow up a little. You seem like a great guy that she doesn't deserve! She cheated on you! Not the other way around!

    From what it sounds like, you both have a lot of pain inside from the past. She might be so hurt that she cheated? And, you are so hurt because she betrayed you.

    I think, you should call her and tell her how you feel. And, maybe tell her you don't want to break up, but that you want time for the both of you to heal and take things slow?

    I think, she wants to be with you, but is angry because you maybe agreed to the break up. She seems to be the type to play mind games, and probably wanted you to object to it.

    If talking to her doesn't work, and you don't get out much, join a dating website. Even if you aren't into them and not serious. It will be good for you to get attention from someone else even if you don't want it. And, that will keep you more occupied and not feel so much hurt.

    HUGS TO YOU! And, I know how much you are hurting! In fact, we all do. We have all been through it. And, sadly, I am sure I will go through it again in my life time. Try to cheer up. Keep busy. And, watch your favorite movies and TV shows and keep busy with your favorite hobbies!

    I am here for you if you need someone to talk to.

    • i really appreciate your help ! thank you so much..

    • You are most welcome. If you need anything, message me xx

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  • She is immature and definitely not long term wife material. It will hurt for a while but you can move on. One of my friends who divorced about 5 years ago because his wife was cheating on him, started going to the gym to work out to deal with the stress and pain. He developed a great body, felt healthier and happier and made new friends. Today he is newly wed and happy. And he still goes to the gym!

  • time , only time , really , and I see that the best method to get over something is to dwell over it for how long it takes , I mean cry and feel sad for how much it takes , because the more you try to repress those feelings the more they will come back , so yes , it is normal to feel so betrayed and to fe awful , but it will take a time depends on how much feelings you have invested into this , but slowly and slowly you will wake up every morning feeling better and better , I am sorry for your situation , but be sure that it nearly happened to every single person on earth and they all survived , and unlike others I don't advice anybody to start dating now at all , because it will just make you feel wrose , because you will keep comparing her to your ex and hoping it all didn't happen , instead take your time to accept and realize what happened , and take it real slow till you are able to fall inlove again , good luck :)

  • Give yourself time and don't rush things


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  • go for another relationship ...poison kills poison

    • Yup! THIS! ^ find someone else. it does help.

      I know most people suggest not to because you still have feelings for your ex, but really find someone else, it HELPS! and don't keep things that remind you of her and don't spend too much time reminiscing about good times you spent with her or why you loved her so much and so on.. just don't think about it and move on.

    • thanks for agreeing

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