Girl why you go back to your ex boyfriends?

So I've had a situation with a girl. She broke up with her ex about 6 months ago as he cheated on her and treated her like crap. she started chasing me. I let her do most of the casing and didn't blow up her phone or come on to strong. I was aware that she just come out of a long term relationship. She told me and her friends how into me she was and we hooked up on nights out and she was always all over me.

Anyway I think her ex is back in contact and she told me she basically wants to be friends now and nothing more. This came as a massive surprise as the day before she was all over me like she was my girlfriend. Anyway I'm not to fussed, I just feel I must of take a wrong tern somewhere but I can't see where? I feel I done everything right. she told me her is really jealous of me and is always asking questions. I have always been indifferent about her ex when she mentioned him and haven't shown any signs of weakness.

My question is why is she going back to him? surely if I done everything right and was that much of a catch in her eyes she wouldn't go back? or is it a case of 2 years of investment with him?


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  • I dont, once its over its over. I might hang out with them as friends but I won't date them.

  • I don't know why people do that either. Id never go back to someone who broke up with me. I have more self respect than that.


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