Does she care, or was it a gossip move?

My ex girlfriend and I have been broken up for 6 weeks now, and we haven't talked to each other since.

Just half an hour ago a friend knocked on my door and asked me if it was true that I was changing block. I told him yes and "how did you know?" and he tells me that my ex girlfriend mentioned it last night.

I just don't get why she would care about it to the extent of telling people in the Block?

I'm pretty sure every one knows by now, which I didn't want to happen.


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  • Sweetie, from my point of view, she wanted to"get to everyone else with her story , before you had a chance to tell your "tale" in the Block.

    When people split up, and especially when living amongst everyone who knows everybody, the word spreads like wild fire, in order to beat the clock on who says WHAT first. And it looks like she beat you to it. Now you have a head's up to knowing what to expect.

    If anyone else comes knockin', find out first what they know, so you can go behind her ,let's say, to possibly---clean up her mess.:))xx

    • PS..Like it or not, it Has happened, and believe me, it's just the beginning. You'll be hearing all kinds of juicy stories until the cows come home.xx

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    • I've caught her staring at me many times before and 2 of her friends came up to me once and asked if I was over her (this was 3 weeks back).

    • I don't know if I would be using the word "care" so much, as the word "disrespect", which comes to my mind. To start being the talk of the town to every girl ands boy on the block behind your back, is just unethical and in bad taste. If she came running back tomorrow with bells on, I wouldn't take her back. I am not saying she is "bad,' but what she is doing now, to someone she supposedly cared about, shows me she doesn't care if the whole wide world knows your business.

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