Is my ex going to ask me out again soon?

My ex and I broke up over 3 years ago, but we were a little too young to actually date when we were first "together". We did not end up on good terms and barely spoke to each other until this year. He has been going out of his way to talk to me and be near me. I often see him staring at me and all of my friends think its love. I am pretty confident that he likes me and I know that I like him. Should we get back together? Do you think he will ask me out soon?


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  • its hard to tell for sure, have your tired texting him or anything like that? if I were you I would send him a text and talk to him one night and then after that wait for him to text you first so you can see if he's interested. If you two dated once before then its very likely that he might have feeling for you again. and I wouldn't see any problem with you getting back together you said you dated 3 years ago so the both of you have had a lot of time to change so the relationship might be different this time!


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