Should I send my ex a letter or just a simple text?

It's been 6 weeks without contact and since the break up.

The only remote piece of contact I've had from her is through a close friend of mine.

A couple days ago said friend came knocking at my door wondering whether the rumours were true that I was to leave the University block and go to another. I said they were.

But it had me wondering how the hell he knew since I had only told my parents about it.

He told me that night prior to this my ex girlfriend had asked him whether I was or not.

Tonight I went out with a friend of my for a couple of drinks and to play some pool. Things were going great, I was chatting with some girls and suddenly my ex walked into the bar with her friend.

I went out for a quick smoke with my friend and in the corner of my eye I could see her staring at me, just like she did on week 3 of our break up.

If I turned to look at her she would look away almost immediately.

The reason she broke up, even though she didn't really explain (trust me it took some time to realize why she did), was because I had shouted out at her on a night when I had been heavily drinking.

I regret the shit I said, I really do, and I'm sorry for hurting her.

Should I send a letter, or would a text be enough?

Does she still like me?


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  • EH I say Fuck worrying about your ex's If your young and your going out socially why get back together with someone who broke up with you? Sure sometimes I want my ex back, but there is tons of new girls who I don't need to overcome any issues with and can start over fresh.

    Honestly you will never know if she still likes you or it was all a coincidence and your over thinking it! Not like any of us would be able to give you the correct answer, and even if you ask you ex yourself I doubt shed give you the truth. So to hell with it I have a zero bullshit tolerance, stupid mind games aren't worth anyones time. Your better off clearing your mind letting go and opening up your options for new experiences.

    • A coincidence she was staring at me?!

      I still like her so, regardless of what you, say I'm going to ask her ... I would rather ask her and get rejected rather than sit here, do nothing and wonder.

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    • You moron. Don't bother answering any more. Some people just can't realize how arrogant they come across as ... you're included in that poor low life group.

    • sorry bro came off as a jerk. I take back the shit I said breakups suck. Hope everything works out OK for your future.

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