Is it normal to get tired of looking at your girlfriend then breakup with her?

maybe I'm one of those guys who get tired of repeating yourself to a girl. she live with me and constantly stay around me. I'm tired of repeating myself to her. she don't wanna drive I have to force her to drive herself sometimes. I'm the only one in the relationship who does the driving. she's in the guard army and picked the laziest option which is to do weekend drills. I have to take her there too. she also has a job I had to beg her to get. I have to pick her up from there and take her to work also. she have to work the same shifts as me because she has no car. I work two jobs and while she living with me its getting tireing and full of boredom. I have not been on a road trip in GOD's know when. she became obsessed with me and quick to start drama over me. I hate drama. she theatened my ex girlfriend when my ex girlfriend texted her and asked her poltely to stop making threats to her. for 3 hours she was texting my ex creating a hail storm. she has her friend stalking me on the internet so I barely get on anymore. she take so many pictures and record so many videos of me its ridculous. this whole time I was being maniuplated but my birthday is coming and I snapped out of it because I am about to turn another age and I realized this late what she was doing. she get two paychecks that goes on expensive weave and makeup. I just get tired of looking at her. she too ruling and demanding and this relationship is like a systematic relationship. I work two jobs while she sit at home. for my birthday I am dumping her with all my friends around since I can't do it alone. she video'd my car radio while its playing music to show the world that I love a certain song. she's been living with me for a year and a half and everytime I plan something, it either get interrupted or ruined. so for Valentine's day I'm going to get the ball rolling. I can't out of the blue breakup with her because she scares me. she be around me alllll the time. I quit getting on Facebook, instagram because she has her friends following me, adding me and even stalking me. at first she wasn't even like this, now she's creating drama over me and I can't go anywhere alone. I quit texting my ex girlfriend for the moment for the sake of it. I'm just getting tired of looking at her. I quit getting on the internet, she quit doing the same thing. she keep begging me to put pictures of her on my cover page of Facebook I did it. people in public already know more than her about what's going on. she think she rules the world. she is deploying but that is later on.she even keep up mess at work so when she created drama with my ex girlfriend my mind was already made up.


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  • why didn't you just break up with her as soon as you noticed you don't actually _like_ her.. which from the looks of it as pretty much from the beginning?

    why drag it out.

  • Yeah that's normal, you should just break up with that girl.. wow.. too much drama, you shouldn't ave to put up that lunatic lol.. ignore that girl.. she's a crazy...


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