How would you react if an ex tried to warn you?

If an ex of a partner you've been dating for a couple of months warned you that they were a cheater. Of course it would be more believable from someone else other than the ex but how would you react if it was the ex. Would you believe them or not?


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  • I'd ask myself what motivation they would have to lie. Aside from pure spite, they have nothing to gain, do they?

    So I'd ask your current flame about the don't need to repeat what he said, just that you had contact with the ex. Watch their eyes, carefully, and see if they seem troubled. Or angry. You can tell a lot by how they react.

    Also you could ask the ex exactly how the ex knows they are a cheater. See if he/she can readily give the time and place and cite exactly what happened.

    I wouldn't dismiss the accusation without trying to see if their statement 'rings true.'


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  • Depends on the character of your ex. What are your instincts telling you? Is he being a vindictive jerk? Or does he still care about you enough to warn you of the dangers of being around a cheating man? Only you can answer that...

    • An ex of a girlfriend you had. Would you believe him if they were trying to warn you she was a cheater.

    • Oh, sorry! What do your instincts tell you? Is she very bitter? Or was she genuine? I'd listen to her, if I was you. But check your gut instinct. Cheaters not only can break your heart, they can give you a disease that can end your life decades before your time. Be careful with this one.

  • I'd keep it in the back of my mind that way I'm not surprised when it happens. You're right, the ex could just be saying that because she's bitter. Maybe he did cheat on her but cheating isn't always black and white. You don't know what their relationship was like; for all you know the girl was making his life a living hell and he just needed an escape. Now he's with you, the happiest he's ever been and doesn't even consider cheating on you.

    So just roll with it. Keep an open mind but have your guard up- and not all the way up... just a little.


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