I miss my ex but he has a girlfriend.

So, my ex and I had a terrible breakup and then we both said some really hurtful things.. And then I ignored him and he thought I was back with my other ex... but anyways, I sent him a friend request on Facebook yesterday, which he accepted, and apologized to him. He read it but didn't say anything back to me. Then, I found out he had a new girlfriend, (that he recently got with last month). She messaged me on Facebook saying she didn't want me to talk to him and to delete him. So, he deleted me a few minutes after she sent that. But today, I saw him alone at the cafe and school, and then when he noticed me in there, he started making all this noise, and I don't know if he was trying to get me to notice him but neither of us said anything to each other. So then, our mutual friend was talking to him late tonight, and she asked him if he still talks to me and he said "we don't talk anymore and I don't know what happened." Then she said he started talking about why I was mad at him. After she asked him if he wants to talk to me and he said it would be nice to talk to me but his girlfriend doesn't want him to talk to me so he respects that. Like our mutual friend is trying to figure out how he feels towards me still. Our relationship was really short but we were best friends before we got together and he was pretty much obsessed with me. Do you think there's a way I can get back with him? Or does it sound like he's going to stay with his new girlfriend?


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  • Sweetie, in my experience with guys and girls in a tight spot situation such as this one, you and he are between a rock and a hard place now, and it doesn't look like it is going to move any time too soon.

    Now that you and your ex have had this terrible falling out, and hit rock bottom, he has obviously moved on with another "precious stone." The way I see this too is, he has had time, in between this rough spot with you, to give you a jingle and talk things out, to see if there would have been any way of "patching up the flat tire" before going back out there on the road again. He apparently never did this.

    Now is the time you need to back down and away from "what was and what could have been." He was even forced to delete you from Facebook and it has been said by Him to your mutual friend, that because of Her, he cannot and will not even "talk" to you, so as to not so much as put a scratch on what he has going with this gem of a girl.

    Move on with your life, sweetie. That's really all you can do right now at this point. It's clear he and Miss Ruby are happy, and for Her to even have interjected some "feed back" on Facebook, tells me they are News in Facebook. Apparently, they have come this far in their relationship for her to feel she can "cut glass" any other girl who tries to put a wedge between them.

    By you even "mentioning" wanting to find a way to pave the road to get him back, is only going to make things worse for him, for her and especially you. It would be like a triangle trio, which in the end, could End up----a two sided affair to begin with...with you still this "low man on the totem pole.

    From where I am sitting, you both had your chance, you gave it your all, but somehow along the way things somehow got rough and rocky. And by the time you had even wanted to "get him back," he had already found someone , possibly priceless, and perhaps now, "flawless" in this new found relationship. Even if he would miss you, or even want you both to be best friends again, right now, he is Not going to jeopardize anything with her. So,with that in mind, she must be something special in his life.

    Now it is your turn to go out there and pick up the pieces to your "stony broken" heart, but time heals all wounds, and when this should happen, you too, will find a------gem of a guy.xx


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  • It's doubtful. It's over. Your time would be best served moving on.


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