It's been 7 weeks since our break up! (needs serious advice)

I'm going through a lot lately and am wondering why I think about my ex boyfriend so much? I'm curious about him!

background info: I Broke it off, I miss him, then blocked him on Facebook. changed my contact information. almost 3 years in total.

A lot of negative stuff has been said, mostly by HIS friends-hence I ended it, he lost interest (took their side), I felt lonely and used. Sometimes my mind goes back to those thoughts, I start to cry

I was interested in another person, but that didn't work out. I really want to go out, have fun, meet new people (how?), not sure if I should try online dating, or take a break? my ex said he has began moved on, I got to let go before I date. I didn't really lose anyone because he became a different individual. I guess 7 weeks is too soon to get over something so long?


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  • You are still very much emotionally bonded to this man. Did you get intimate with him? Was he your "first"? Many women have no idea how much it means when she first gives her body to a man. Her heart, mind, soul, and spirit bond to his, it is designed to accentuate monogamy.

    Even if he was not your first, you have a great deal of emotion invested with this guy. How do you start over... You don't. Not for a while, anyway. You need to heal... Seven weeks isn't enough, and going out and getting another boyfriend is only going to do more damage.

    I think you should stop... slow down. Wait... Bide your time. Let the whirlwind of emotions that is in your mind and heart... just stop. You will get over it. You will be fine :)

    • he's not my first, but I'm his 'first' um I do'nt know about the bond, it's just the negative thoughts I'm trying to get rid of, they did call me quite a few things that weren't true. And thanks, maybe I justdon'to to admit it. I know I need to calm down, I just am working on myself too

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  • Your emotions are evolving and getting you ready for a world of different men, and better men. Yes you are moving on, but you are stalling the process by holding on to old out of date emotions. Start getting excited for what is to follow once you have an ex, because great things will happen, great men will show interest in you, and your emotions will mature into something you have never felt, so don't move backwards, follow your bodies direction, and go out and get those men who wait for someone like you to become available, and now you have got rid of old wood, its time to relight the fire and look for fresh wood, and this time, you will only be attracted to men who are willing to do what they can for someone like you, they will want to prove their worth to you, not you to them, good like, you have talents, go show those worthy of them what they want,x

    • wow your answer is super positive and amazing. hope I don't sound weird saying that. :) I am taking it day by day. :) thanks

    • Thankyou, and your welcome, and taking each day as it comes, allows you to live each day also,x

  • Im going through a breakup too. Sucks...

    I wouldn't recommend getting back together. The only reason why you want him back is because he was the one to move on first. If you get back together with him you'll only be disappointed when the same problems that broke up the relationship start reoccurring.

    Ive tried online dating like on POF recently its kinda ridiculous. I couldn't see myself getting in a serious relationship with anyone on that site, but it does show you there are people out there who would like to meet/date you.

    Also I joined this site 3 days ago and have been answering questions. Reading and helping people get over their problems has helped me reflect and put things in a clearer perspective. It also helps get your mind off things :)

    hope this helped!

    • hey ythanks. no I can't get back together, I've been dealing with it well I guess, poetry, gym he was totally different at the end, he wanted to obviously 'f' someone else and when I think about that, I don't want to go back. plus the issues, the hurtful words...I hope I meet someone in person but it's hard. Given that I'm sorta shy, and guys I like are taken :( but yes I've used this site to help me not feel so sad! thanks

  • My dear friend,you must meet him personally again and sort out all matters and clear your thoughts about him. Then you will know whether to move on or accept him as your B/F again.Be brave and meet him to see whether he misses you.

    • hmmm well that's kind of hard to do. I seen his car twice today. I changed my phone and just don't trust him because of his sister etc.

    • when we broke up, he said 'he had been thinking awhile to see other people', and that's because of who his sister is marrying. he should be the one who works for me since he messed up, big time. but I have no hope of that, since I'm jilted. but did see his car drive where I work today and by my house

  • This probably isn't what you want to hear, but maybe you should stop being so thirsty for a relationship. It's clear you miss your ex, but it's also clear you broke it off for good reason. Leave it at that and don't try looking for a rebound when your still interested in your ex.

    Enjoy being single and give it time, eventually you'll move on and maybe find better guy, but it makes no sense to look. Some of the best things in life are found without seeking them. In contrast, some of the most disappointment is found when looking for something.


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