Have you been the last to know and how did you handle it? Tell your experience.

When your partner is cheating on you and you are the last to know.Some families and friends cover up cheating for other people. Have you ever been in this situation where people knew about it but you. How did you handle it and what did you take from the betrayal?


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  • The One big situation I do remember that hurt me the most, was when I was 13, and I was going with a guy, my own age, for three years. We were very much in love, but didn't have all that much in common but our feelings for what we had experienced as being "first time love." We had a lot of problems as our relationship went on, and into the third year, it wasn't looking any better.

    He was immature in his own way, not being the kind of boyfriend whom a girl could call "reliable and dependable," and I was at fault myself, of course. I was insanely jealous, and on top of this big demon, I was always feeling insecure about me And our relationship. I always accused him of "better girls" than me, from his school, and never had anything "happy" to say about life or about us anymore. I must have been going through that "growing up" stage of adolescence.

    Anyway, I finally decided to find out how he really felt. I sat down one day and wrote Dan a "Dear John" letter, telling him everything I was feeling, then sadly, ending it. I thought it was going to be just like in the movies, where he would call me right away and plead for me to come back. I heard nothing. A few months later, when we were able to see one another again, we kissed, but we never did reunite, and I think I know why.

    There had been another girl that had liked him, and Dan's sister used to comment on how she was teasing him all the time on the bus, and it used to make me so angry. I used to accuse him of Her, along with this other basket ball player(both named Kathy). Little did I know, that behind my back, they may have started to be "attracted" to one another, is why perhaps Dan never came back. I do think his family may have known More than they would admit, being it was a small town, and ---I was Not living in it to find out anything.

    One nite, months after we had split, I Did find out that he and her were getting together to baby-sit her niece. It hit me like a ton of bricks that She had been trying to Get him behind my back when he and I had been together. I was crushed, realizing what she went after, she had won, and by me sending him the good-bye letter, just moved things easier now in her direction.

    Years later, we had our "last moment" together before he had tied the knot with her, but after so many rebounds, I realized I had my closure, and was finally free to move on.

    This was actually the One guy who I thought I could trust, for I was wearing his lovely ring he had bought for me. But I was naive, as I think back to it now, for when you are going to another school, how would I know you really know what was going on----In that bus? She was trying to steal my first love (she was not good looking either), and his sister knew all along that they were hitting it off, for she was like this tomboy and they had Everything in common. He was best friends with Her brother too. All this had been going on, even as I sat down to prepare him for-------- "The Break-up."


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