Meeting up with your ex and disappointment?

Long story short:

In a relationship for a year and a half

Broke up with him as he was being unfaithful

On and Off relationship started happening

Then we would have no contact from 2 weeks to as long as 5 months with each other.

I got so busy focusing on myself and doing things for me and being with family and friends but I thought about him every single day.

I decided that I probably needed to forgive him and that's why I had a lot of hurt and pain still happening and couldn't just get over it.

I messaged him that I forgave him. He wanted to meet up and so we did. I realized a lot has changed between us and I decided that we could also no longer be friends.

After all of this ups and downs which has lasted for 2 years now and I know that he is not good for me, why do I still think about him? Is there anyway I can get over this. I am focusing a lot of my energy on me but I just find time to think about him. I just feel like so much time has gone by but I am here still wondering and feeling hurt.

If anyone has any advice on how I could approach this situation would really help me a lot.


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  • Your still wondering if your do any better than him and if you have blown your one chance at happiness, which keeps all these old emotions stuck inside, what you need to notice is that you chose him to be your ex for a reason, and that reason is to prepare yourself for a world of better men, because no one likes going backwards in anything, and relationships are the same, because if we go backwards then we are not doing as well as we were, so keep telling yourself that although you had fun times, along with the bad, it was you evolving into a person that demands more from men, and now that you have the room now, you can now start attracting better men than your last man, ie your ex, which is an ex for a reason, and without this being told, you will remain feeling empty and hurt while you feel as if you have let go of someone special, this is just your emotions maturing, but don't hold onto them, move with your body and its voice, and go get that guy who is willing to show you how much he will do just to be with you, and stop thinking about the guy who betrayed you and cheated many times while showing you very little respect. Your worth it, so go prove it,x

    • hey i really liked your advice. Does this thing have a chat so we can talk?

    • I have no idea. They have changed it so much, I am struggling to navigate around their new design. But you can request me as a friend, and I will be happy to communicate from their until either one of us work out wether they have a chat or not, x

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  • Sometimes, it takes a bit longer; there is no standard time limit. It just means you really did love that guy. The best way sometimes is to find a different guy or meet new people. However, just remind yourself how much worse you would have been if you were still with him. Remind yourself that your life is so much better now. Appreciate the positives in your life.

  • Every time you start to think about him say " Change " out loud if you can , and do it straight away when you have the thought. Also meet other guys etc ;)


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