Is what I said to her wrong or should I continue with the breakup?

i let her move in with me. we been dating and living together for a year and a half. its like she's not doing anything at all and we are most definitely not going anywhere in this relationship. she gives me money, help pay the bills, and buy me stuff but its completely at a standstill. I can't go anywhere alone especially with my friends because she stays around. I want a relationship where I can argue but she stay around me to much that we don't argue about anything. she act like she's bossy and stuff go her way. I talked to her repeatedly about driving herself around but she hates driving. this whole relationship I had to be the chaffeur and its emotionally draining. she has all her friends stalking me on the internet so I just stayed off. I had to tell her to stop taking over 400 photos of me doing everything and she got pissed. now since she can't post about me on the internet, she just stay off of it because if she can't post about me she won't post at all. she works but she has to work the same shift as me. the military don't count because its only one weekend out of the month for drill. I thought her having money would get us somewhere but we still stuck in the same spot. she stay around me all day. when I go to see my family, she's right there. whatever I post on instagram, she post alike photos. its like she's clingy ass hell. she think I came out of the blue with this but I been thinking about it for a while now. I have to take her here, there. I work two jobs now while she sit at home and take pictures in my clothing. all she do is ride in my passenger seat and start drama with other women about me. she chose me over her college degree. but I want a woman who don't get lost in herself nor her goals in life. even though she deploy in may and leave in April. this has to be done. I only allowed her to stay in my home this long because of her family situation.


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  • hey dear I am sure you have been thinking about this for a long time , cause I read your story more than twice before , and every time you seemed the same bored and angry about your situation , well , it means that you are not a jerk , because you kept thinking and thinking about being patient and you tried to take it as much as possible .,and it is obvious that she doesn't change her attitude at all , because if she has done a while ago , you wouldn't be posting this here again , so I say that you really should end this relationship and go for your sake UNLESS YOU LOVE HER ? , I mean you didn't mention anything about your feelings about her ? do you love her or not ? if yes then it is hard but you will have to make sure you did your best before you leave her , but if you don't love her and you are sure you did your best to help her inher life , then of course no one on earth will push you to live like this forever , all you can do is to find a polite way to end things between you guys , maybe find her another apartment and tell her you have already booked it for her so she won't stay at the street , and then you take your break and start your life all over again , and again I repeat that you really really did your best cause I am sure you have been hesitating about hurting her for a looooong time and that shows you are responsible and a caring person , so definitely you are not being a jerk at all


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