I fell in love with a boy online and now I want to get him back. What shall I do?

A year ago I met a boy on internet. He is from Spain and I am from Belarus. I am turning 17 and he is 19 years old. After a few months I fell in love with him. So did he. We chatted every day and he said every day he loved me. I am poor but he promised me to visit me next summer. I started learning his language, Spanish and he started learning mine, Russian. But in September he started going out with another girl in his town. And since that we haven't spoken too much. Sometimes I wrote to him and he always wrote back but he always stopped responding all of a sudden. Does it mean that he is over me forever? When we speak there is still some sexuality between us, maybe even some passion like in past. I don't know how serious his relationship is with that girl. Do you think that I could ever get him back? I am even willing to move into his country. I just can't get over him, I really really want him! He is the only person who ever understood my feelings. What is the solution to get him back? Or to forget him?

Please, please help me!


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  • He's over you if he's dating another girl. That the problem with online and long distance relationships. Some people can't keep interest and tend to go for those who are reachable and available. I suggest you move on

    • But how? Suggest me something, please! I have tried everything! A sport, a new foreign language, etc... But when I go to bed, he is still in my mind.

      And I am not sure if he is still dating with her. He has told me once that they don't see each other very often, because he started university and that girl is member of sport team and excercises a lot.

    • delete his contact - because if you keep you'll keep thinking about him, checking up on him. Hang out with your friends, spend more time with family, go shopping, have a girls night - watch your fav movies with a tub of your fav ice-cream.

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  • It's an unrealistic relationship. You don't know if he is for real. You need to find someone close by so you can spend real time with them. Online relationships are at times an imaginary thing. Not real. You need to be with someone who you can see esp being so young

  • It's realistic I don't mean to sound unsympathetic, but I speak from personal experience. It's not worth the heart ache.


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