How should I forget a boy who I still love?

Hello! I am Nastya and I am really really disspointed now. I really need advice!

So, yesterday I already asked a question about this boy.

The short story is that we met online and fell in love with each other. He is already university student, he is a 19 years old Spanish boy. And I am 16 (soon 17) years old girl from Belarus.

This boy said that he loved me and promised me to visit me. And I was ready to leave Belarus for him as soon as I finish my studies in high school. I already started learning Spanish. But then he started to hang out with a girl. I have no iudea if they are one couple now or no.

But according to people I should get over him because I am young and this love is not real. I have to face the fact that they are right and there is no chance to make this love come true (or yes?). I have to accept that it would be impossible to meet as he lives in Western part of Europe and I on Eastern part...Now I just want to forget him.

BUT HOW CAN I? I am ready to do anything to forget him, just tell me how, please!


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  • You know what people are telling is right because you are too young for this drama. You have a full life ahead of you in which you will experience great love far from what you are feeling now so it is better to let him go.Try getting yourself distracted from all this drama by hanging out with your friends or family or doing anything you find interesting and you will forget about him beforr you evrn know it.


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