He broke up with me because he wanted something better looking?

The father of my kids recently told me that the reason he didn't want to be with me was because he wanted someone better looking.. my face is fine..he says its my body..even tho "our sex" is good..my body is a turn off.. well I'm sorry I had two of your children!? ya know..wth! are all guys that ignorant..to worry only about looks?.. I gave him my everything for 9 years.. I'm a good girl and I loved him with all my heart..why wasn't I good enough for him? because I'm not a freakin Barbie? ugh...please let me know that not all guys are like that because now I feel like no one is ever going to want me


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  • You said the FATHER OF YOUR KIDS, but you didn't say MY HUSBAND. If you have children for a man you aren't married to, a man who didn't make the lifetime commitment and covenant with God by marrying you, then you cannot expect him to stay around forever. I know people get divorced everyday, but it's a lot harder to leave a woman you've committed to as your wife, than a girlfriend turned baby mama who got pregnant.

    It's not that you weren't good enough for him, but he wasn't man enough to stay with the woman he made a family with. He was just looking for a reason to leave and get out of his responsibilities. See, he probably never had any intentions on marrying and settling down and that's what his life was like even tho he wasn't legally married. So he found any excuse to leave.

    You can always lose the few extra pounds and find an even better man next time. Don't have a defeatist attitude and never think you aren't good enough. Mama June (from Here Comes Honey Boo Boo) is married and has 3 different baby daddies. I know damn well you must look better than her. But she didn't let her prior relationships and her obesity get her down and neither should you. There is always light at the end of the tunnel


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  • Some guys think of their wives as trophies, and dump them when they get to 30 or so for a younger model, as if she were a car.

    Our whole society fosters that attitude. And it's not only guys who are that shallow, as you surely know.

    But to answer your question, no, not all guys are like that. Mostly the corporate types behave this way.

  • That is really sad :(

    Of course not all guys are like that. If my girlfriend had my kids, I would take care of her and my kids and cherish them and love them forever. Of course I wouldn't dump her for someone 'better looking'.

    That is just so sad, that he's taken up nine years of your life and had kids with you, and now wants to disappear.


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  • You chose a dick, and are now stuck with him for the rest of your life, because you decided to have his children.

    Workout and find someone better, who won't nut in you and leave you like trash, once you get stretch marks.

    People only treat you, how you allow them to treat you.

  • I agree with Washize... you should have higher standards next time when choosing a person to be in your life.


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