I'm upset even though I broke things off. help?

so there were many reason why I chose to ask for abreak and break things off. So this guy, lets call him 'Matt', had his family members harrass me and verbally screw me over. They also were keeping tabs on my personal life and called me 'mentally' ill'. He's also proposed to me and then told me at the same time he has a lot of student debt and would take ten years to pay it off. After his family verbally assaulted me, he also agreed with them. Also even though he's catholic, we've fooled around and he was pretty rough with me and I felt he wasn't loving, he is just a pervert in a lot of ways (or it's just me being really sensitive). He was such a jerk and still keeps my hockey jersey that I won, worth three hundred dollars. What and where do I start feeling better? I wasted almost three years with this guy and I find myself stupid for forgiving and believing he would change or become abetter person, but at the end he 'wanted to see other people' but that's after the damage has been done, with no 'in person' apology.


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  • block him and his family from communicating with you. Learn your mistakes, don't expect an apology.


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  • Don't always be deceived by the religious cover by guys, it doesn't mean anything. You can tell whether a man is truly following God by his actions. I'm not saying they are perfect, but if his family are all catholics, they certainly should not be bullying or ganging up against you. The same goes with the sex, a real catholic would not be sleeping with you before marriage. I was the same, I dated a non-denominational Christian for a year, he was a regular church goer and so was his family. It was the same as you, when we first started having sex, it was very loving. Then he turned into this sadistic pervert, who was interested in really rough stuff. He also wanted me to sext him whatever that was. So I ask myself how religious are they really?

    You really need to write down NOW everything that was bad about the relationship. I was the same as you, I broke up with my ex for so many reasons 7 months ago. 7 months on I feel like what a friggin relief I did not stay with the arsehole. now I can find someone that really loves me for me.

    It will be the same for you. Write a list of all the things you have wanted to do in your life and man alive go do them! Grab life with both hands and go enjoy yourself. He is no longer there to hold you back. GO LIVE YOUR LIFE.


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