His ex girlfriend wants him back?

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Your boyfriend had a long term first girlfriend of 5 years who was also his girl best friend of 10+ years that went missing 2 years ago and is supposedly dead. When you first met him he was distant to all but family(including people he considered family) and his girl best friend.

He was a challenge to get in a relationship with you because he wasn't over this "supposedly dead" girl but he was your type(hard to find guy) and you got him to commit to you(even though you weren't his type) and you're together 4 months now. Things have been going great and he has treated you so good, despite a few clashes with his best friend due to jealousy of how close she is to him and she explains "the dead girl" is who kept them inseparable.

So you do research on her. You find pictures of them online with his family and the best friend, how she looked like(very pretty) etc and you saw how he used to vent about her through old statuses. You ask him how he feels about you and he says everything but "I love you". You haven't said it either so it didn't matter much.

2 Months go by & out of the blue you're boyfriend tells you he's angry with his racist uncle after finding out he arranged for his "dead gf" who was never dead at all to be kidnapped and held hostage in another state. You're distraught but you comfort him. Then later on she shows up and his family takes her in since her parents asked while there jobs involves constant travelling.

She never leaves his side and he spends a lot of time with her. You don't say anything because you understand how he feels. He takes her out and spends money on her without a second thought & when you go with them you feel like a third- wheeler as they reminisce. He's over-protective of her and lets her sleep in his bed while he takes the couch, she cuddles up to him and he invites her everywhere.

You've met her and you don't talk much. You tell her that you're his girl now and she should respect it and she tells you she understand but said this b4 she left, "Understand this he is and will always be my first love and I can't help but have feelings for him." You start feeling insecure because you love him and you're afraid he will leave you for her. So you meet up with him and you tell him you love him and he's speechless and struggled to give you an answer.

You get angry and leave feeling hurt. Your mind plays tricks on you and you can't sleep. How do you go about resolving this? You don't want to let him go he's the one.


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  • I'm not for the drama. I'd leave, that is just a mess that I wouldn't have the patience to deal with.

    I wouldn't feel comfortable with their closeness and would expect that they would eventually cross a line. So I would exit the situation before the shit hit the fan. I wouldn't have any ill feelings towards either of them, I just don't need anyone to spell out what is happening either.

    But I'm a very blunt and straight forward person. I'm also not madly possessive of people. I think there are plenty of men out there that would make wonderful partners. But if you're only hung up on one that is in love with someone else, or not that into you, you won't notice anyone else.

    I've never had a problem with moving on.


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