My Ex's Girlfriend Keeps Trying to Talk To Me

I don't get why my ex's girlfriend keeps trying to talk to me. My ex and I were best friends before we started dating and then mutually decided to breakup. He got a new girlfriend and now she won't let him talk to me. Now, she's always asking me questions like "what was the homework?" "Did you understand this problem? I didn't." And then, at one point she had my ex ask me what the homework was for her. Why is she doing this? I'm being polite to her but it's just really getting annoying


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  • She probably feels intimidated by you since it sounds like you and your ex were quite close before you broke up... maybe he talks a lot about you, and she's jealous of the relationship you used to have


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  • No idea. Maybe to show you there's no hard feelings between the two of you


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