How do you deal with the hope of getting someone back?

This girl I love, rejected me. We haven't been in contact since months Because she didn't wanted to talk. We were close friends before that. Recently she smiled at me and again I have go this hope that she might miss me or something although she made it clear while breaking up that she will never ever talk to me or like me the way I wanted to. Sometimes I feel really great about it but sometimes I don't. I feel that I am leading myself to another heartbreak so I am not approaching her yet till she shows me some more signs that she wants me to talk to her. I am really dying thinking about her everyday. I never got a chance to talk to her since then but I just feel I should. So, if anyone of you have experienced the same feeling then would you like to please share your experience or help me by guiding through it?


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  • I hate to break it to you but she could really just want to be your friend at this point in her life. You should try to let her go for now. Don't put your life on hold hoping for something that may not happen at this time. Do something to make you happy. If she is ever going to fall for you it will be the you that is smiling whole heartedly as will any other woman should you choose to move on. Be happy. Good luck!

    • Thanks and I really appreciate your honest opinion. I did tried letting her go and believe me I was getting better but I don't know why it just happened that I realized that I still love her.I am still trying to move on but it just gets hard for me every time I try. For now nothing keeps me happy and I miss her even when I am among my friends. I completely agree with you and I will keep trying to deal with this and will try to stay happy.:)

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  • Dude, just stop. You are being overly romantic and irrationally emotional. If she likes you, she will come back, if she doesn't, there are other options out there. I've been through the same thing, and you're only hurting yourself, because chances are, she's not pining over you the same way you are over her. She probably actually has a social life and other things, and is smart enough to not let something like this distract her.

    • Well if you have been through the same thing then I guess you also understand how hard it is to fight this. I agree with your point but I am really busy too. I am trying to concentrate on my studies, have friends and usually hangout with them but I also miss her at the same time. And FYI I haven't approached her yet because I am aware of the consequence as you are right I might be the one getting hurt. So, can you tell me how did you get rid of this when you were going through this?

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