What should I do? move on or what?


If you want to hear the full story, please read the link I gave you.

I like this girl and the way she acts in real life, she is very shy around me and does say hi to me, and laugh at my jokes and stuff. Only problem I have is that she kind of avoid me hinting her to go out with her saying, "she is busy or she is tired"

Which I thought she may not like me. People from my previous post said she may not like me as well..

Today she texted me saying, "I have it, you should get it to" from my last text I messaged her saying if she had Skype or not.

I just said I dled it and she immediately texted me back asking for my Skype user name. I gave her my info and she again right away added me. Which I thought was a good sign.. She didn't really message me or trying to talk to me on Skype and she sort of stopped texting me after she added me. We would text few times before he completely stopped. well.. it was around 12am in the morning but I do remember her staying up til 2am before.. so idk..

I am not sure if she is just being nice to me and being friendly or like me..

I only have one class with her and I guess I only talk to her after lecture or before lecture. Other than that, I barely see her at all. I've only known her for like whole college semester and this is my second semester with her.


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  • Do not hint. Do not beat around the bush. Next time you see her before class say "I think you are really cool, and would like to see you more. Would you like to go out next Saturday?"

    If she answers "yes". She's interested.

    If she answers "No, I'm busy Saturday, how about Friday?" - she's interested

    Any other answer - she's not interested.


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