Send an embarassing drunk text to my ex :/ should I leave it or apologize?

My ex broke up with me 5 months ago. We sometimes see each other in mutual events. We are friendly with each other at the events. Sometimes we talk to each other, sometimes we don't

I drunk texted him like two times before. Last time was the previous week, which I just said "what happened?". he just made fun of me being a light-weight. I apologized that time, he just said "been there done that, nothing to be embarassed if we could laugh about it"

The past Friday, I was drinking with my friends (which I met after the break-up). Apparently one of my friend knows my ex, and my ex came to find him and joined us for a while. Me and my friend got pretty drunk. When my ex disappeared, me and my friend were texting him together, using my phone :/ (and my ex knows some of stuff was written by my friend not me) He's just made fun of what we were texting, asking me to stop messaging, sober up. My friend didn't know he was my ex, and he figured it out which left me shocked for a bit (becoz I dun think I was so drunk that I told him about it). so I texted my ex "Sh!t, (my friend) knows about our secret. Either he's too smart or I am too drunk." followed by "if you or (my friend) tell anyone about us, I will castrate whoever talks about it and I know anatomy so none of you dies" My ex just replied "I didn't tell him". For the following hours, I texted him like "he's def too smart" and then correct the spelling mistakes I made every hour.

He didn't reply any further. I woke up realizing what I sent and was really embarrassed.

Should I just leave it act like it didn't happen or should I apologize?


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  • I would let that one go. Tha'ts surely what he would prefer as well. You apologizing just puts him in the awkward situation of having to talk about it and accept your apology. Messy, he doesn't want to talk about, he knows on some level that you are sorry, and that you had too much too drink. He may be a little put off that you said no one can tell anyone about the two of you, makes it sound like you were embarrassed that you ever dated him. I understand how you feel and I think ya just need to bow your head and sweep this one under the rug. A month from now it won't matter at all.

    • At that moment, I just felt like if people at the events that me and my ex go, know about me and my ex used to date, I would feel a bit awkward when we both show up and feel like people will gossip (which now I dun think they would care anyway). And definitely after getting drunk, I say things without processing it through my head first...

      Will it damage my "friendly" status with my ex (since I want to remain friendly with my ex)? and yes I know I should not drunk text and I won't do it again!

    • If you two were on decent terms this one thing shouldn't totally throw that out the window. Just give it some time and be cordial and act like nothing happened next time you see him. Or make a joke about yourself in regard to it, but if it were me I'd let it go.

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  • I'd let it go, and maybe delete his number so you don't feel tempted to drunk text him again


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