In a relationship, but on dating sites/talking to others. What is the point of this?

I've asked this before just trying to get more opinions.

If you are already in a relationship would you be on a dating website/talking to another person? How would you handle this if you were the other person talking to someone who you just found out has been in a relationship?

I don't know I consider this a form of cheating for the person who's in the relationship. What would you feel is the reasons for doing this?


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  • One of the basic tenets of any successful relationship is commitment. When someone who is in a relationship and chooses to explore other romantic options though online dating shows lack of commitment and if done surreptitiously is a breach of trust and respect.

    If I were the other person in the relationship I would confront them about it; especially if this has been done behind one's back, before things would escalate any further. Communication is the key here and being open and honest about each other feelings will hopefully help pass this hurdle.

    It is hard to know why one would engage in such behavior; some reasons might be, not getting enough attention/being taken for granted in the relationship, boredom, the thrill of meeting someone new.


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  • I would never do it. In my opinion this kind of thing counts as cheating.

    If I was the person talking to someone who I later found out was already in a relationship, then I would stop talking to them.

    • Well it is not 100% sure. I feel the best thing is to talk about it just to clarify. Although, they just might end up lying about it if its true. It's a tough situation. But yeah I a lot of people would probably just end up cutting off from the person.

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  • I can tell you first handed, I am in a long distance relationship-marriage with a guy who found me three years ago on Facebook. I flew out to him, and months later, went out again, where we had tied the knot in Cairo. After I left to go back to the states, it has been nothing But internet romance, Skype and Yahoo, and of course, you don't expect him or even yourself to have any other relationship but the one you are supposed to be loyal in.

    We had been having a few issues a few years back, months after my return, and this in turn, coaxed me to start "looking" again on this Badoo dating site I still had this profile with. I know what you're thinking, so please, understand, he really had this coming. Long story, but very true. It had nothing to do with Him cheating, as this Muslim was as loyal as a hound dog, believe me. A Christian, like myself, had found me on there. He was also from Egypt, but lived near me, and immediately we became attracted to one another. Another long story...

    I had an on and off relationship with him for a year, but found he was not as attentive nor bright as my husband, and although I did end up telling him about the Christian, he forgave me for my "checkered cheating ways."

    Yes, definitely, no matter how you try and justify "just merely talking" to someone else on another dating site, it Is cheating. However, a much more "kinder" word to use, if you don't want the guilt to eat you alive as bad, is------unfaithful. Everyone has their own personal reasons and motives for why they "switch sites" when in a so-called relationship, but many, I think, just find it a thrill and a-----diversion----from the one they are in at the time.xx

    • Wow that's some story. Well if in fact it's true which I'm not 100% sure, the guy I've been talking with through a dating site for a while Let's just say I found something that told me he might have been in a relationship for well a year or so and that's before we started talking. So I'm confused, because his dating site says Trying to find a keeper and he told me he was looking for a friend but possibly more. I'm going to somehow have to talk with him just to clarify

    • Yes, one can never be sure, in this sort of date diagnosis. Unless you have had the privilege of getting to know someone, or just Think you do, no One can be sure of--Who they are with..That goes for both sides here. Yes, my Muslim is a loyal dog, but I Did find out, that before meeting me, he had another FB from the past, with other Muslims, family, and One Latino chick, who I had known about when we first met on his Facebook wall. He had deleted her, but a few mos ago, I"saw" her.:((

  • This is emotional cheating which has a high chance of turning into physical cheating.


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