Any advice on my situation / how to get over him? I'd honestly appreciate any help?

There's this guy that I met last February and we hit it off straight away. Long story short we were extremely close, liked each other for a while but he got over me while I unfortunately fell in love with him. He never treated me right, ALWAYS making empty promises, he's hurt me more than I can even put into words.

As I said, he got over me, and he now likes this other girl. He always tells me he wants to see me soon but that he's just really busy (he has two jobs, starting uni, etc) but on social networking (instagram) I always see that on a weekly basis he's meeting up with that girl he likes. She's his personal trainer as well so that's his reason for why he has time to meet up with her and not me, but he's constantly saying how busy he is but he always manages to find time to go out for a drink with her after training etc.

I know I need to let go and move on but I'm just finding it really hard to accept that the person I thought I'd always have by my side / would always be with, just moved on so quickly. I don't have many friends and so I don't have anyone to 'move on' to. I'm just really hurt and struggling to be happy and move on, because as I said, I really did love him.

It just hurts so much and I'm having a really, really hard time letting to. I was wondering if there was any advice you can give me about my situation / how to move on? I really appreciate you taking the time to read this and possibly answering.

Thank you so much, have a nice day xx


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  • Sweetie, you Really Are much too good a girl for this alley tomcat. After all the use and abuse he showed to you when you were together a year ago, should have been enough to make you hate his livid guts and have had a special Valentine lined up for Friday by now.

    Yes, you really Do need to let go, and Don't turn back into that time clock that has even brought you back full circle to this point in time. It's like this Bozo is this leach lizard that has a grasp on you, and even when he is obviously blowing you off for his "trainer tramp," you still hang in there for one last round.

    I realize easier said than done, but I would rather you be alone than to be with some loser who totally makes empty promises and kills every inch of your being while you are---unfortunately in love with him.

    The Best way to let go and let God, is to Don't contact this feline feral. He's a stray sucker who doesn't deserve a loving and giving and most amazing girl like yourself, and one day, this low life will find himself down in a gulley somewhere, where someone out there would have given him a punch to his puss, bringing him to his knees like the wuss he truly is.

    Stay away from him, starting Tonight, and begin a fresh new day tomorrow doing some serious soul searching about Who you are, what you want to do as part of your life's accomplishments, and then, when you feel you are ready, find some friends. Facebook is a great place to start with people in your area, and even finding a reputable dating site, is sometimes a good place as well. I am not saying this is the answer, but sometimes beats going out your door and hunting down another tom.

    I don't want to fall asleep tonight thinking that you are going to go on struggling and being miserable because of this Joe. Don't let anyone in your life ever again, bring you to this level------nor Their level. You're better than that, stronger by far, and too spectacular a specimen for any future jerks, much like the one You are going to cut loose once and for all.

    Good luck, sweetie, and any time...xx

    • Cannot believe how much better this made me feel! Thank you so, so much. I truly appreciate it. Never have I been given advice that has helped me and made me feel a tonne better so quickly. Thank you, you're a lovely person xx

    • Sweetie, you just made my dreams sweet tonite. I will be assure a great night sleep, knowing your lovely thoughts and sincere words have helped in your much awaited healing period. Whenever I give someone advice about something, and much of the time extensively, I want them to understand my love and concern and depth that I am putting into each word, that is not only coming from my heart, but from experience in life that I have lived through. Thank you so again..xx

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  • My dear friend,guys are always like wasps. Going to different flowers. You should not yes not try hard to forhet him.Time will take care of it. If you are studying then concentrate on study and if working then concentrate on carrier.There are enough fish in this world better than you had.You will be able to catch one of them in future.So take it easy.Good luck.


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  • stop seeing him as a good person and see him for the asshole he is , it honestly takes time depending how involved you were,keep your self busy try go out and have fun meet new people or what not,if you catch yourself thinking about him make sure you change your thought it only makes it worse.

  • The problem is that you just can't force someone to like/love you, he is completely over you so you should just do the same even if it isn't so easy you should at least try it. He hurt you so much so why do you still like/love someone who didn't treat you good?Just think about yourself a little bit...I'm sure you already know that you deserve a better person than him. Take some time for YOURSELF and relax and do whatever you like and stop thinking about him or worrying about this topic, I'd suggest you to unfollow him on Instagram so you don't get to see his pics so often and stuff. Just focus on your life and your goals because sooner or later you sure will find your truly soul mate. Good luck and have a nice day too :)!

  • Unfortunately, it just takes time to get over someone. As tempting as it is to "creep" on him, you should probably delete him and unfollow him on social media, and if you don't feel comfortable doing that, then just stay off these sights for a while. Seeing him and what he's doing will only make you feel worse. Also, find something to do that will take at least part of your mind off of him. If you're going to school, focus hard on your assignments or join a new club. If you're not, maybe start a new hobby or start going to the gym or something like that. No, this won't take your mind off of him completely, but it's a start.

    I know exactly how you feel, and it sucks when someone pulls away when you're falling in love with them. It's hard to get over. Hope everything turns out well :)


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