Why don't guys who are poorer than their wives ever try to clean them out when they get divorced?

When women get divorced , they 99.9% of the time take everything especially when they earned less. Now its rare for a court to award the husband everything even if he's earn less than his wife and its rare for a husband to demand everything in a divorce like a wife . Why is that?
Can any of the women who claim that men do this as much as women provide some examples?


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  • Alimony is horribly outdated but you obviously aren't citing any real statistics. I feel like prenups should be mandatory as should written agreements about having children, etc. I've known only single moms who didn't even bother to go after exes for child support (out of anything from guilt to futility to indifference) but am not going to state that that is the majority of reality; I'd have to do extensive research to see if my viewpoint is even statistically significant. Anyway... You shouldn't win money buy marrying but you also shouldn't win a false sense of immortality by having a woman make and raise children for you. All of these things are now a choice and easily controlled. I can understand wanting to exact revenge if someone ruined your life with an awful marriage, but you're also not required to stay with them for any amount of time either. I don't know I'd rather just punch a guy in the face and not need to still be taken care of financially by him. It just gets messy if you have a really old fashioned marriage where the guy wants to be the breadwinner and the wife throws away her future for him and his desire to breed etc (and hers too).. If he decides he's done with her after 20 years is it really fair that all she has to show for it is probably whatever degree of custody she wants? (That is a real bias, and custody should automatically be 50/50 unless you pay to opt out). Basically, people being the way they are... Always be prepared to be on your own, don't share, don't trust, and get everything in writing!


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  • Something that hasn't been mentioned is that men and women are different. At the end of a relationship, the guys ways to just move on with his life and is happy to never see the woman again. They are happy.. no more drama in their lives. Women on the other hand seek revenge. To hit the guy where it hurts... His money.

  • Because it dulls the edge of husbandry and I know of guys who do it to. Britneys spears ex dis it to her, kevin. Personally I think its a weak and pathetic thing to do. I wouldn't take any of my ex husbands money if I had a ex husband lol I would just take what's mine

  • Wasn't the model Heidi Clum married to some older man who had less money? There are many situations where it happens. I know women who were even targeted because they had a steady job, decent house, the guy wanted to just live off them. What the courts award is generally based on laws in your state.

  • It appears you have a twisted / non realistic view of what happens during divorce. I'm assuming that you haven't considered that 99.99% of the time (Im just quoting the percentage you tossed around), when a man and a woman get married, the woman stays home with the children, therefore bringing less "income" into the family. Her value as a mother / keeper of the home doesn't have a dollar value, but it certainly is worth something. Your question isn't even really a question - it's a statement that you think divorce settlements are unfair 99.99% of the time.

  • It's not rare at all. Guys do it as much as women do.

    • I love how guys are downvoting me. Guys on here are so desperate to make themselves look like woman do nothing but walk all over them and they do nothing wrong. Newsflash, guys are just as bad as women.

  • Are you serious? That happens ALOT. Poor guys always try to take their wives stuff. It's pathetic.

    • Is it pathetic when women do it?

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    • update, Madonna.

    • Madonna is the only woman who had to pay out a lot to settle a divorce link

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  • Although there have been a couple of high profile cases (e.g., Madonna), it's still very rare. As anon guy said, society and especially divorce courts are extremely gynocentric.

    I read an article recently about how some women are furious about losing their assents and having to pay alimony after divorce. I laughed pretty hard.

    • Check this out: link

      I found this quote particularly humorous: "The laws definitely need to be changed. They aren't working anymore," said Michau, 67, who feels she was penalized in court for working and saving for decades..."

      Welcome to the hell men have lived in forever, Ms Michau.

  • Because divorce courts are gynocentric just like the rest of society.

    • This is inaccurate. They are significantly more gynocentric then the rest of society, in fact they are perhaps the most gynocentric institution.

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