Is it OK tht he talked to someone during we broke up?

Got back with him but found out he got new females friends from last year during we broke up.they liked his pix and he liked their I supposed to be worried? I feel like there's something going on but I don't wanna be a bitch bout it since we just started dating again.

Does it count as a cheating when he talked to someone during we were not together? I feel is it bcoz they couldn't work it out that's why he got back with me?


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  • There is no way you're 30 years old . . .

    Are you supposed to be worried? No, you aren't. You're in a relationship, which means you're supposed to trust him.

    You don't want to be a bitch about it because you just starting dating again? Is that the only reason you don't want to be a bitch? What if you were dealing with these jealous emotions a year into the relationship, would it be OK to bitch then? There are better ways to solve things than bitching.

    Does it count as cheating if you weren't together? No, how could it? NOTHING he did while single, who he talked to, kissed, slept with, none of it is cheating.

    • Yay I kno wht you mean but it's hard to not thinking bout the past an not jealous.

    • The past cannot be changed. You either accept, or you end the relationship. You have already proved to him that he can disrespect you with his lies and nothing ever really happens because of it, which means he'll continue with his crap behavior. So you either accept it, or you end the relationship. It really is that simple. I've been there.

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