How to go from boyfriend to friends?

I dated my ex for 7 months and we were friends before we started dating. He broke up with me 3 months ago and for the last 3 months of our relationship it was long distance. He broke up with me because he said he had to focus on school and couldn't give me the time and attention I deserved. I do think he made the right decision if this was the case but he is also addicted to playing video games online with his online friends. I know a lot of guys play lots of video games but this was different. I firmly believe he gave me up so he could continue to play games and still do well in school. After we broke up we decided we still wanted to try and be friends and we have talked some but it seemed every time we talked I was always the one to start the conversation so I stopped texting him one day to see if he still wanted to talk to me or if he was just being polite and I've never heard back. I have tried to get in contact with him since then but there's no reply. I have no idea what he's thinking and I have no idea what I should do. Any advise would be great as well as any ideas.


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  • Sweetie, be glad you are rid of him..This is a red flag sign, that he has given You, that Other things, whether Online Or Off, is More important than having an amazing girlfriend of seven months. I can only imagine what kind of relationship you could even call it, During those months with him.

    Today's guys, as you probably know, and yes---have just found out---put their obligations And priorities Up their "players butt." Many of these guys are No "text toms," calling is next to null and void, sporadic, unpredictable, booty callers, for convenience only, too busy, except for "other things and other people," and the mere thoughts of a real relationship, or even holding on to the one they have, is too much of an effort.

    I married a man who lives in Egypt, who found me three years ago on Facebook. I flew over a few times, we tied the knot, and back I came. I wasn't able to get over in nearly two years, and to be quite honest, I Could have, more than enough, but Made excuses. I have my own personal issues with him and motives, just like your ex has with you. It's called "blowing someone off."

    I do admit, it isn't easy Holding down a long distance relationship. It takes a lot of nurturing and great effort on both parts to make it work. Yes, there are times you will have ups and downs, but who doesn't in Any relationship, close by or far away? It just depends on to what extent you want to keep the fires burning, and "online coals convo" is certainly no exception.

    If you were the one always having to initiate anything close to even a friendly "hello," and he didn't reciprocate back, then it is obvious, he doesn't even want a relationship in "friends" with you. As sad and pathetic as it seems, it's so typical and almost expected with many guys today such as this little boy. You're better off without him, and my advice for you is: Friend zone space boy out of your galaxy, and move on to someone more mature, who at least can set aside his "Game Boy" for the girl of his dreams.xx


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  • He sounds like such a retard. If I was him, I would get with you and marry you first then worry about college later if I even cared about college at that point. He might wake up one day like me and still single at 31.

    • The fact that you're still single is no ones fault but yours, and this includes your job or college. No one is stopping you from going out and meeting woman, even if you're busy throughout the day with school or work.

      There's nothing wrong with wanting to prioritize your life so that school and work comes first. I do believe though, that her ex she speaks of could have handled things differently, especially if its video games he's trading.

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    • Most people wouldn't believe my bad luck with women. I've had many chances. Lets just put it this way, you know those people that say "don't ask her out to soon, let her get to know you" or something along that line. In my own personal opinion, if I don't ask her on a date here and now... I'll never even see her again and it's happened to me every single solitary time. Even if she's worked at a certain business with me or not. It's maddening, I wish I had just 2 minutes alone with a woman.

    • I meant to say... "In my own personal experiences..." Not opinion.

  • relationships just don't seem to be a priority in his life right now, that's all there is to it.


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