What ways do you try if you are trying to move on?

I met this girl in my class at our university in summer and we started hanging out to study together and spent most of the time talking about ourselves.We became really close friends and I kinda liked her from before I even knew her.So, after 3 months of our friendship I told her about my feelings but she rejected me and didn't wanted to talk to me anymore. She told me that I am really nice and all that and that she would never love me the way I want her to. So, I tried to stay just friends with her but it was making her uncomfortable so I just dropped it there.I started keeping myself busy and hang out with friends and it went good for a while but when she ended up in my class again, it made it hard for me to be myself around her. I realized that it won't be easy now and I that I still feel for her.I am seeking help from a councilor and learnt some ways to control my feelings and anxiety around her. But I don't know how I always get a hope that we might get together and I use that as a positive thinking in order to calm myself.I also workout almost everyday to release my stress and do things that I enjoy but she's always there in my mind.So, if you guys (boys/girls) have felt kinda simliar or can relate would like to share your experience?


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  • Meet and date other people, have fun. If you're alone the only person you'll think of is the one you cannot have. Don't do that to yourself.

    • Hmm.I do hangout with my friends and meet new people but trust me I have tried talking to new people and met really beautiful women too but really none of them seems to ring my bells. At one point I thought I am over her but I am not and just think about her everyday and really in dreams too. I am really trying to focus my mind on other things and it does helps sometimes but I am still attached to her.I really appreciate your response and I will try my best to get better.:)

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    • Thank you for best answer.

    • You are welcome:)

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  • Hang with friends

    • I do. But doesn't help always:(

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