What is the reason why a guy keeps on asking for another chance to be in a relationship again?

Our relationship w/my boyfriend is on/off. We have a long distance relationship but we see each other once a month sometimes.there are situations that pushes us to stop our relationship but after a month or two,he would ask me again if I still want to be back in the relationship & since I love him,i always says yes.but now,im wondering what would be his reason in doing this. Thanks.


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  • Cause he realized he screwed up an wants another chance?


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  • Because he is a needy , clingy wimp . And you are not enforcing what you say , like its over. Is it sexual interest from him that "stop our relationship "?


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  • I think people break up to let the air settle. Everything is different during a break up you know, things are uneasy. And distance makes the heart grow fonder. I wouldn't take him back just because I know I can't deal with the heart ache. But it is your choice, you have to ask yourself though if it is worth it. Make sure the two of you discuss what the problem is and try to resolve it.


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