Is it time to let go?


so I've been in a serious relationship for 9 mths.

2 weeks ago we had a "relationship status" argument over the phone. Basically we had a stressful week at work and he wanted a relaxed catch up and I was feeling needy. I asked some clingy questions which he normally just reassures but l guess because of stress he snapped and said it was unfair to ask. l apologized but he was already upset.

two days later he said he's not ready for us and he needs time. so, since then he's been distant. text only when he wants to but never replies any of mine.

after a few days of no replies I told him I'm hurt but I respect his need for space so will stop contacting him.

3 days ago I went to his place with his consent to pick up some work stuff. His parents invited me to stay for dinner and he acted polite and cordial. He even walked me to my car and we shared some jokes. We hugged but didn't kiss and l didn't mention anything about the silent treatment. Next day was silence as usual until late at night he texted saying he didn't like me staying for dinner. He felt like I did it on purpose to corner him. I asked what is really going on and he replied he already told me he needs time.

Silence since then.

So, I suspect he's either evaluating the relationship or has already decided but is wondering how to break it or just wearing me out till I call it quits.

Does it really take guys this long to decide if they are ready for next level?

It really hurts and I feel like it would be better to let him go before he gets a brain tumour!

I'm thinking give him one week of silence. Then I'm going to say I still love him but I'm letting him go.

Is that fair?


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  • I think one week is fair. But at the end of one week, call him and ask him out, to a coffee shop or something and talk. Put everything out on the table, what you're feeling, what you're thinking, your questions, anything and everything. Talk it out for a long time, don't let him cut you off because this is a necessary step in your relationship, either for the relationship or for the closure.

    From my own experience, he's probably had some vague decision made and could possibly be scared or nervous to actually say. So, give him the week and talk to him at the end (I cannot stress how important this is). Then decide from there if he's worth how you're feeling right now (which undoubtedly is not exactly fantastic).

    Good luck and keep me updated if possible!

  • Meh. ...NEXT! lol


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