Necklace? what happened to it?

Well okay my ex right before he moved said he wanted to get back together and he loved me. I was stupid and fell for it. Well I gave him a simple necklace with a fire design. The fire was because my favorite memory of us was sitting around the bomb fire. I felt out reationship was hot and fiery also he loves fire. He took it said thanks and I have never seen it since. Never wore it that I seen or anything. now he gives me the cold shoulder for nothing... but what happened to my necklace?
  • He just threw it! He doesn't care. You nor it meant anything.
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  • He kept it and put it up. He didn't want to ruin it.
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  • He gave it or will give it to his next girl or a friend.
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  • Guys are often terrible at treating things like gifts or cards (especially cards actually) as if they have any value. While girls can hold on to trinkets for years, guys are more inclined to take a card, read it, then bin it. If it spends any time being displayed anywhere, it's a miracle.

    So for a gift like a necklace... it's possible he doesn't even know what he did with it. It went into his pocket in whatever pants he was wearing that day, and now he couldn't tell you where it is if his life depended on it.


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