Hey guys please help.

Hey guys please help:(

My boyfriend broke off with me a week ago.. We have been together for 4 years. along the way we have small arguments here and there but it was nothing huge. Recently he stopped calling me and would always ignore my text messages. I tried begging him and everything but he told me that his mind has been made up and would not hesistate to change his cellphone number if I were to harrass him again. He told me I was too clingy and he was bored of this relationship. Today is the second day of NC and I was wondering do I still have a chance to win him back? :’( he seemed to have already moved on, his friends told me that he is moving on well and he even asked them out to the club this coming weekend. Has he moved on? Do I still stand a chance to get him back?:( please help:(


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  • My question to you is why would you want to be with a guy who would dump you seemingly out-of-the-blue?

    Give it some space and time. Reflect on and learn from this. Set higher standards for yourself and do things that will improve your self esteem. A confident, self reliant woman is the kind you want for an LTR. Clingy, "you complete me" types with daddy issues are the ones you move on from.

  • No, you don't have a chance to win him back. He made it crystal clear he's over the relationship and you're not to contact him.

    • Has he really moved on? I know part of him still loves me.. He even got me a Valentine's gift before the break up.. What's going on his mind now? Is he trying to act happy in front of his friends? Will he still be missing me..

    • I have no idea...but he has made it crystal clear you aren't in a relationship with him, so let it go

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