He called me another girl's name?

Here's the story. So this guy I have been seeing, went on a cruise and hooked up with some random chick. Since we weren't "official" at the time, he thought it'd be fine. Of course, since I thought we were at least exclusive, it wasn't okay. Since then, (we've been dating for about 6 months now), he's called me her name twice, both in rather endearing ways. He told me that after we talked things through, he told her they couldn't talk anymore. Even told me he deleted her number in his phone.

Then, yesterday when we were talking, he called me her name again AND I found out that he'd never actually deleted her number in his phone, like he said he did. What's up with that? He claims they're not talking anymore, but do I believe him? I just don't understand how you could accidentally call someone a different name, especially the name of someone you knew for about 3 days. What do I make of this?


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  • That really sucks. It's easy to jump to conclusions and I don't think anyone would blame you. It's also not right for him to lie to you about deleting her number.

    It's really your call. Are you able to live with the fact that he lied to you about her and that he hooked up with her? Personally, I think it's nonsense how people think in terms of being "official" in the dating scene. Dating is courting. You court because you want to marry or find someone long term. The second you two started seeing each other you were courting; that's why you were upset about it when he cheated, rightly so. But oh well, I'm part of a dying breed.

    Sorry I couldn't be more help but the truth is you don't have enough evidence or information. Maybe he's just spastic and forgets your name. I do it to coworkers all the time.

    • Yeah, he calls it an "honest mistake" and it would be, like with your coworkers, but I'm in a relationship with him. I would think you'd always call them the right name.

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    • I don't know. I think it's just the fact that she shouldn't have been significant at all, but obviously she is..

    • Well... maybe, maybe not. But I can see what you're saying. It seems as if he's reminiscing a bit too much. It's like, OK, he should have just chalked it up and moved on. I know I would have. Are you willing to put up with it? The sooner you end it the better it is for both of you. Don't let it drag out if you can't get over it... know what I mean? Either the faith is there or it's not.

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  • My dear friend,if you have self respect and dignity as a woman,my sincere advice is change your B/F. Period!


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  • You found out he lied about talking to her once why believe him now? Get rid, get gone. Find a guy worth your time.


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