What do you do to help get over him?

Just recently my boyfriend broke up with me saying he felt more like a "protective brother" than a boyfriend. And I am very hurt, but now that I try to get over him, the less I actually do. Every time I think about the subject I start to cry and can't stop for a while. He was the first guy I ever loved like that and he just ripped my heart into a billion little pieces right in front of me. So here's the question, what do you do to get over him? Thanks for the help.


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  • Hey there I am 16 and had 2 serious boyfriends, my first one was when I was 9th grade, 15.

    It literally took me 10 months to look at him and tell him to his face "I am over you"

    So do not rush, it, cry if you wanna cry, laugh if you wanna laugh, scream if you wanna scream, but just don't keep the emotions in, that will make it more difficult and take longer for you to get over him, my 2nd serious boyfriend, we broke up last year June holidays. and yes, I'm still not over him, so I won't be able to advice you on that, just remember to learn from your mistake and not do the same stupid things over and over.

    Hope everything goes well with you in this healing process. You could message me and maybe speak to me about your daily challenges and emotions.



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  • Breaking up is hard to Do, as the old song goes. And many of us have been through it. It's easy to tell someone else How to get over someone you have loved and been with, but one thing I Do know, from a few of my heart breaking experiences is, time does heal all wounds.

    Might I suggest going out with a few of your friends. Maybe it is too soon to find another, which I am sure it is, but at least you are Out and about, sweetie. And this in turn, will get your mind a Little off of him.

    I wouldn't suggest you try and hook up right away. I find that when someone who has just broken up with either a guy or a girl, end up in a rebound relationship. It's not healthy for you or for him.

    For now, go slow, sweetie, take your time. Lick your wounds and spend some time soul searching for answers as to what may have gone wrong. From there, you can learn from your own mistakes, and move on faster.

    No one says it is going to be easy. Lord only knows the crying and the constant reminders will eat away at you for a period of time. But eventually, the wounds will heal, and all will seem okay again. It just takes time and---talking to yourself. You'll be just fine, trust me.You're stronger than you think.xx

    • Always remember there is some Here holding your hand..:)xx

    • youre pretty wise girl. wise people are mostly more intelligent as they seem= I like intelligent people=fr.reqst.

    • Why, thank you, sweetie..Yes, I am wise..I have experienced a lot, still do, and with God's guidance, He had seen to it I continue my works, is why I am here..I am not all the smart as a whip with Everything in my life, lately More so with politics and things I am good at, but to be wise in every day life, and have experienced a lot with Many things in my life, is the best gift I could ever have..Have great weekend..Be strong, girl..xx

  • get active and out there. I know it is hard. active is what I mean by going out to see friends or getting yourself surrounded by positive things or events. I just broke up with my ex...i haven't cried much to be honest because of the unfairness issue that is going on.

    my advice is to list all the negative things about the person and move forward.

  • :( I'm sorry you're feeling hurt. Breakups suck, especially your first broken heart. For so long, you feel amazing and so in love, and then it's gone. I don't know whether or not I think people who have never had their hearts broken are lucky, or if I feel bad for them, because they haven't felt such happiness with someone to be broken hearted over them. I had my first broken heart at 17, and again a couple of months ago at 21. I wish I could tell you every broken heart after the first gets easier. It doesn't. BUT how you get over and handle it does.

    The best way to get over a guy is to not think about him as much. How? Think about other things! Focus all your effort on school, or find something fun you like to do, or make an effort to be with your friends a lot, or go to a gym. Something to take at least some of your thoughts away from him. Also, tell yourself a lot that you WILL find happiness with someone else again. It's one of those things that if you say it enough, you'll believe it. Good luck :)


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