How soon is to soon to move on?

Ok so me and my last girlfriend of 2 years broke up about 7 weeks ago. she broke up with me because she said she wasn't feeling it anymore and didn't really give me any real reason for breaking up with me. I haven't talked to her at all since the break up and she hasn't talked to me. anyway there's this girl at my college that I kinda like and I've talked to her a little bit in between classes and stuff. Do you think it would be to soon for me to ask her out on a date or do I need to wait longer cause me and my ex broke up 7 weeks ago?


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  • That's up to you, there are no rules. Everybody is different. It wouldn't hurt to try, as long as you don't think you'll end up hurting this new girl because of any baggage you may have. If you were referring to what your ex might think, you shouldn't. She broke up with you, and you don't owe her anything anymore.


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  • if you like her ask her out... there's no rule. Just be sure you are ready and not trying to replace or make your ex jealous... a guy used me to do this and to get her back and it crushed me.


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  • Not at all dude. If you feel like you're ready to jump back into the game, do so. Don't let your ex ruin a good opportunity just because you're looking for some external norm for when is the appropriate amount of time to move on. She's in the past at this point, so you can't operate like it's still part of your life unless you personally feel you're not ready for something new yet.

    Go by how YOU feel. If you feel good and want to go on a date with this girl, ask her out. I'm not saying you're over your ex by any means, but if you feel like you're ready to get back out there, then you're ready. Nobody can tell you when is the appropriate time but you.


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