He expressed his feelings to me, but he has a girlfriend?

Ok, so this guy friend I have, has always expressed to me how much he loves me, always wanted to date me, etc. He just always showed interest no matter what and even saying that we are "soulmates" I was unsure about him so I never went further with him, and because I had a deep infatuation with another guy (which you probably already saw) that kinda prevented me from going further with him too! Well now I am starting to realize to give this guy a chance, but when I was about too, he says on Facebook that he is in a relationship with a girl. He even has a pic of them kissing.

He hasn't been calling or texting me lately, and I thought that was strange cause he usually always does that, and what's weird is that he messaged my mom on Facebook saying "Hey I was at your house last night at around 6 I guess nobody was home I had my daughter and I know you guys been wanting to see her!" My mom replied to the message and he never responded to her, so I don't get that. It's just weird how he expressed his feelings to me then tonight he says he's in a relationship with this girl.

Is it because I never reciprocated to him? Why would he express to me like a week ago saying how much he loves me, and wanted to take me out etc when he has a girlfriend? I know its now, but they had to of been together for a good period time to make it official. So I guess what I am saying is this girl just filling the void? Do guys do these things to make the other girl jealous? Just curious! Give me your thoughts on this! Thank you!

Oh and let me just add that like a week ago. Me and my guy friend are best friends with another guy named Jake and Jake is known for setting me up on horrible dates, lol! So I told Jake like a week ago that I am dating someone, and that I don't need him to hook me up with anyone. I said that to Jake when he was alone, but like I said he is best friends with my guy friend, and Jake is a big mouth, and I just said that cause Jake is always pairing me with the wrong guys, lol!
So I don't know if that has anything to do with why my guy friend is all of a sudden in a relationship? Cause he thinks I am? I know Jake told him cause Jake is the type that has to tell people everything, and my guy friend was still not calling or texting me. So I don't know if that has anything to do with it? Or if he just wasn't that interested in me? Who knows? lol! Any opinions welcomed!


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  • With my experience with Many of today's guys, they are sporadic, unpredictable and many of them are---untrustworthy. This One is No exception.

    He may have whispered sweet Nothings in your ear "today," and tomorrow it will be a different bull-ony story. However, they don't give a rat's behind if you cry until the cows come home.

    It sounds to me, and you can take this to the bossy pasture, that even With the moo he is with, he will most likely feel, with everything he has told you, that he can "Have his milk and drink it too." But don't buy it. Be prepared that whenever he is ready and available, he can just come just come ringing your booty call bell, and you will be there with open arms for his raging hormone. I know this type. This One is not only a liar and a con artist, he's a cheat to boot. He's also the type who will disappear like Houdini, and reappear out of nowhere, will every excuse under the silage shoot, that he was "busy," he had problems with the dairy queen, and blah, blah, blah. And then, to make all the poo poo boo boos go away, he will expect a roll in the hay in order to gain your forgiveness. Oldest trick in the book. Don't fall for it. He's got both boots deep in it.

    No, the no "text tom" is Not strange, it's Udderly True, and believe me, when he gets bored with his dairy queen at one end, he will be sure to either message you or----Mom-----on Facebook,-----and find out if he can bring his Other little piece of "baggage" around, along with more barn droppings. Tell meek and mild mom to lock all her doors and throw away the key in the manure gutter. She will be glad she did, and in the long run, you Both will be better off.

    No, you didn't do any of the above wrong, but by you Reciprocating, you will fall prey to Another one of the oldest tricks in a man's book of bloopers: Having You fill His void whenever it's convenient for him.xx

    • Couldn't have said it any better.

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    • Thanks, sweetie! And I am so good... Sometimes it takes One to make us forget another, as they say.. Anytime you need me, look me up here.. Take care, too. xx

    • lol.. I meant to say I am so glad you are over him.. wow.. I must still be feeling ill here.. lol:)) xx

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  • All I know is a guy liking 2 girls is like there being a fork in the road and you try to take both at once driving your car and you cant. I means if he has love for both, then he doesn't have real love for either one. That's of course you are assuming correct on your assumption.

    • Right, but it's been a ongoing thing, where he keeps on trying with me. He was even talking about marriage with me at one point, lol! like 2 months ago. I never reciprocated cause I liked another guy, but now I am starting to realize that maybe I should give this guy a chance cause he seemed so infatuated with me. Then when I was about to he is all over Facebook saying he's in a relationship out of nowhere with this girl. It's kinda odd. Like I said I don't know if Jake told him and he got all

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    • If he has been even talking More to come, then he will most likely, as I wrote, want is sweet ass cake and eat it too. Let me be fair now. If you are so gun ho on joe, tell him to ditch dairy queen and come over to your side of the fence. If you start giving him ultimatums, you may get respect. You start controlling the situation before It controls you.xx

    • All I am really saying, is I NEVER like one girl and have the want to ask her out while doing the same to another. Never never never. I have tunnel vision so to speak. If I'm that infatuated with a girl, it's like she's the only girl on earth. I am Adam and she is Eve.

  • I largely agree to Paris13's answers on this as well as all her comments (including the 'train wreck' one).

    You tend to be kind of naive though sharp, intelligent and smart. In your bid to be a good soul, your winding yourself up in some crappy situation with a crappy guy seems strong though we pray it never happens.

    It's not new for someone who has a girlfriend/boyfriend to fall for someone else - it's natural but you need to look into intent which is also instinct apart from logical calculation. Moreover, you really seem to be that kind of a girl that most guys would want to have for their girl. Whether they can handle it or not is a different thing altogether. Although it's not necessary that anyone falling for someone else while they have a girlfriend/boyfriend is necessarily a crappy person or it may be a crappy relationship.

    His behavior is just testing waters to see how you react etc - very juvenile

    However, on the other hand he could either be trying to make the other girl jealous or he's thinking it's unfair to go after you while still having a girlfriend - these possibilities remain good too.

    • It is very immature, and thank you for the compliments! :) I do see he is acting very immature, but you do make good valid points, I think it's is one of the possible scenarios, he probably is seeing how I would react, but I just haven't been contacting him, like I didn't call, text or see him since this all went down, and I plan on keeping it that way, cause it's just ridiculous, lol! Thanks! :)

    • You were, are and always will be welcome with pleasure young lady :)

      And compliments? you deserve those and more :) good luck & good day (evening for you lol)

  • He hasn't forgotten you, girl friend or no, and he wants you to know that, regardless of YOUR relationship currently.

    Jake , now doubt relayed everything you said to jake to your guy, so that may be why he hasn't been in touch the last few days.

    He's hoping yu will contact him and set up a time to meet again!

  • I wanna say the guy who is in the relationship is likely trying to fill the void. However its not good to see for yourself, be best to just be friends. Jake however could've told him some stuff, which can be a factor to his "interest(?)" but I don't know what you and your guy friend have in common.

    But if he has a girl, don't be the girl to come between or right after. He chose the first girl for a reason and he has to realize that. If he quits, wouldn't that be showing that he won't be willing to commit to the relationship with someone? that's how I see it.

    Anyways, you should look for a guy on your own. I'm sure you can do better than what Jake pairs you up with.

    • Yeah, I usually decline Jake's dates, lol! Cause I am not into bad boys, lol! I have been friends with him for the past 2 years, and he always showed interest everytime he seen me. He always flirted, and always said he loves me, and even talking about marriage with me like 2 months ago lol! He just always seem deeply infatuated with me. Then all of a sudden I told Jake that I am in a relationship/dating someone, and then my guy friend is all over Facebook saying he's in a relationship.

    • He wasn't really contacting me before, so it's just weird, I don't know if he is trying to fill the void? Or if he did just lose interest? it's just weird how like a week ago he was saying how I am one of his best friends and he lvoes me, etc. But then he is all of a sudden in a relationship? It's confusing? But maybe it's because I didn't reciprocate. Thank you for commenting! I appreciate it!

    • I would be surprised if that was the case. I can only think that you can do is to let it not get to you and just do everything you can do as a single lady. I would dance if that's the case... *Slowly progresses to dance*

  • he's a scumbag

    • You're a nice looking girl, and he you seem very sweet. Don't be naive, sweetie. Move on to someone who can be more of a man, and a lot more honest and trustworthy..xx

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    • No, no accident...this is a train wreck that is heading for one..Please jump off Now..It's going to get bad..xx

    • what the hell are you talking about? how is me saying he's a scumbag heading for a train wreck?

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