Do guys go for girls that are similar to their ex?

My ex broke up with me about 9 months ago. He was really harsh and mean back then. He posted things like "I should care more about people that matters to me" or "I will forget you", those stuff that made me felt like they were meant for me to see so I unfriended him on Facebook. Then we didn't contact each other at all. And few weeks ago, he added me back on Facebook, but didn't do anything except liking a few pictures and status updates of mine. Then a few days ago I saw him changing his relationship status to "in an open relationship", out of curiousity, I checked the girl out. I don't think we look similar except our eyes and straight long hair. But I was quite surprised to find out that she speaks 3 out of the 4 languages that I do (which is very rare) and her birthday is a few day away from mine, her favorite movies are almost the same as mine, and also she likes to play the piano like I do. I felt really uncomfortable seeing that I think because I was really hurt by my ex although I have moved on but you know, the scar is still there. I really want to know if guys really date only a specific type of girls?


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  • Ha that sounds ridiculous. Maybe he found her on a dating web site?!

    "Umm, I like my women to play the piano, speak English, french, Chinese, perhaps german. I like my women to be born October 1986"

    -That's too much of a coincidence. Maybe you like the same kind of chick flicks other like girls do.


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  • Tbh, someone I know keeps dating this type of girl. He believes in The One, but clearly missed out. Like he dates girls all around one week from that girl's bday. And they're all the rich well to do type. And all the study abroad, very global type. The One he was waiting for was like properly smart though... And hit all his requirements- plays the flute like he likes, speaks all the languages he was learning, even got tutored in home craft by this lady whom he coincidentally asked to find him his bride. But you know what, that guy just didn't marry that girl in the end. I don't know... Really blind guy.


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  • No, it's the fact I do have a general type... it's not set in stone but my preferences generally dictate who I go for so of course I've dated similar kinds of girls.


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