I want to break up with my boyfriend, how should I do it?

I want to send this but in reality it probably will end up being one of those many text messages that you never send...

I'm angry and upset Nd I have been this way for so long... He treats me so badly and I don't want or need him in my life... This pretty much sums up my feelings for him right now...

"I hate you and I don't deserve to be treated the way you treat me.

From the start I knew I shouldn't have dated you. I loved you and tried 1000x more then I should have had to, to stay with you and but now I just regret the two+ years of failure that we decided to call a 'relationship'.

I'm so done being treated second best to everything by you.

You did nothing to save our relationship, it has been all me keeping this afloat and I keep holding onto you hoping you would love me the way I loved you but you have just been drowning me with your lies, your bull shit promises and your self centred crap.

I thought to myself today that you ever asked me to

Marry you, I would say no because the idea of spending my life with you is horrible. Always fighting about weed, money and fact that you don't make me feel loved AT ALL.

Yes I hate being alone but I realized I'm way more alone when I'm with you then without, so what ever it is that we have, it is over.

If I do try to talk to you again, it won't be because I miss you or love you. Happy 3rd Valentine's day"

This is the 2nd out of the three Valentine's days we hVe had together that he hasn't done anything or even come to see me.. Like I know Valentine's day isn't a huge deal but I can't deal anymore.


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  • Wow, that's a lot of hurt wrapped into one shitty little text. Sounds like you are very hurt, spiteful and full of resentment. At this point I'd say you only have yourself to blame. This has been going on for 3 years and you're still there . . why? Because YOU CHOSE to stay! YOU CHOSE to put up with his crap behaviour and it appears that you are going to choose to sink to his level and send this message. I hope you don't. I hope you calmly go to his house and tell him it's over without being so mean about it. Not saying he deserves that, but you do. If you leave this way, you will only regret it eventually. Are you a kind caring person? Then be that person. This message does not show it. You don't have to be so horrid to let someone know you don't love them anymore and that it's over. Don't poison your heart, he's already done enough damage.

Valentines Day

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  • Never break up over text unless it is to avoid some sort of physical or verbal harassment. Also, don't bother with all of the explanations. It sounds like he doesn't deserve an explanation, and it will probably only make you more upset. I think the best thing to do is to call him up and tell him "I'm breaking up with you." If he wants an explanation just tell him that you are not happy being in a relationship with him. Then say goodbye, and hang up. Keep the conversation short, I mean less than a minute. Then block his number, block him on Facebook, have a good cry if you feel you need it, then focus on living your life for yourself, and find happiness that all the attention you had been focusing on him you can now focus on someone far more deserving, like yourself.

  • My dear friend just press the send button and be happy!


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  • Sweetie, Valentine's Day Is a huge deal, and so was this great message you wrote. You poured out your heart and---your lungs---and I give you a standing ovation.

    I'm proud of you for Standing Up for your own self respect, and although I am sorry it had to be on this special Big day, where instead of crying and trying to put some sense into this whole train wreck, you should have been with the man you loved, someone who you thought you could count on to love and respect and care for you, perhaps in the future "till death do you part."

    Do what I did when I was 16. It was my First love, and although he never had given me the "bull shit" this jerk has done to you, he was in many ways self centered, never giving my heart, my tears, my pain a thought. There were times I, myself felt...not loved AT ALL.

    Sit down tonite, and the put the Same message you wrote here, On paper and send this joe schmo a "Dear John" letter. That is exactly what I did. Write all of this out, so the "Valentine masochist" can actually have a little piece of what's in your broken down heart, and perhaps with even just some small part of any human feeling he may still have left for you, will realize what an amazing girl he has lost.xx

  • I have been in your situation before. I was with my boyfriend for 10 months an to be honest had all the same feelings as you. It wasn't until my mother said to me, if he asked you to marry him, what would you say? I instantly said no and realized he was not the one for me.

    I just want to give you a bit of advice. Like you I sent a massive email to him detailing all the reasons I was unhappy and that I felt he had treated me badly. I just went on and on and on, because I was so emotional and upset over the way he treated me. 7 months after the break I really wish I had calmed down and summarised the reasons I wanted to break up and instead of making myself sound so bitter, turn it around to him and this is what you need to do. Although I told him everything he had done wrong, he just disagreed and acted like I was a loony.

    In the letter you need to basically say I don't want to carry on with this anymore. I feel belittled, unloved and disrespected by you.

    Then ask him questions to make him think about what he has done.

    "Do you think it was OK to never do anything for me on Valentine's day?" "Why are you with me?" These questions will actually make him think about how he treated you and make him feel bad about what he has done. If you get a reply, acknowledge it and move on.

    Good luck and find yourself someone who WANTS to be with you for you.

  • If you're breaking up, because he didn't do anything for Valentine's, then you're pretty stupid.

    However, if it's just been a train wreck of a relationship this whole time, then you should probably tell him in person. Tell him everything you wrote here and be done with it.

  • Send it !

    And then turn your phone off for a brief moment if you need to.

    If you feel your relationship is over...then you have to find the courage to end it.

    If you want to leave someone, never follow the "rules"

    that society sets for you.

    A lot of people say don't do it by text because it's wrong

    and face to face is better.

    But the way I see it is,

    If he never gave you the dignity or the respect

    that you deserve?

    Why should you do that for him?

    He never made an effort, neither should you.

    Hit send!

    Turn your phone off for a little moment if you need to,

    and take a breather.

  • I wouldn't text it, I would tell him in person.

Valentines Day