Getting back in the dating world.

So I broke up with my boyfriend a while ago and I don't know how to get myself out there. I am trying not to date threw any friends ik from this group I hang out every Sunday. So like I what I am trying to do is I go to this bar that I know really well and I do see some cute guys but I am never one of those girls who goes up to them. I do the whole dress up cute and the flirting way I don't want to do online dating my sister tried that but she told me not the smartest place so how do you get guys to come to you when you know he is checking you out at the other end of the table?


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  • You're starting out right, but even if you don't want to approach guys first you gotta either give them the "green light" to approach you, or put yourself in a position where it is natural for them to come to you (right at the bar, on the dance floor if there is one, etc.). Let guys see you checking them out, give them a flirtatious smile, stuff like that.

    • I'm trying to to spend all my time at the bar. I'm staying away from online dating sites is there any other way?

    • Anywhere that people hang out and socialize. If there is something you like to do that would involve socializing with guys that's going to be a good place to find someone interested in the same things that you are, that you would be able to do together. Although the bar or the club is going to be the easiest place in general. Alcohol has a tendency to make the entire thing easier. It loosens people up and makes them less shy.

    • I mean I'm trying my best not to spend my time at the bar. So my best friend told me he knows a friend of his who is single too and I'm just willing to start fresh I am not one of those girls who takes her time stays home alone and listens to sappy love songs and romance movies. I was the one who broke up with my it was just boring like I said above it was the honeymoon phase.

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  • Grieving is a personal thing and it can take awhile to get over a person. Bars are not the best place to find a relationship either. Now about your question I would say the best thing that a woman did to get me over to her was smile while looking at me. Just be careful in the bars and online. I think some of the best relationships are formed outside a bar maybe a community park, laundry mat, ballgames, jogging, coffeehouses, etc. Keep smiling

    • I was the one who broke up with my boyfriend. I'm ready myself to get back out there. My friend is inviting me to meet some of his guy friends. Now is it wrong for me to tell my that I put my relationship as single on Facebook. The thing is he hasn't changed his.

  • you're doing alright, just be outside, honestly, you'll be noticed.


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