Is he giving me the boot?

Ok so I had this guy me and him were talking for a while we even had some fun here and there but I have been noticing his personality has changed he's kinda acting like a dick. I've noticed he always seems like he's to busy to hang or can't. One night when we were supposed to go out and eat he baled on me so I decided to go on my own then. I caught him there with a group of friends...awkward moment for me. It hurt to know he lied to me but is that just showing me he's not intreseted in me anymore and that's he's moved on?


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  • Yeah. But he knows you like him so he doesn't know how to end it without hurting you. He'll man up in time, but you don't have that. And the whole thing of not knowing what's happening is not cool. Sit him down, and don't finish until you get a straight answer from him. And don't burst out crying and get all angry. It's that response which is why he is playing the ignore game.


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  • Yep. He's over it :/ lol. Just move on.


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