Exes plus guy you're going out with all at your birthday...?

So I'm turning 21 tomorrow and instead of excited, I'm thinking of the things that could go wrong!

My first boyfriend and I are back to being friends and seeing as we have a lot of mutual friends I felt I needed to invite him.

My most recent ex, we broke up in October but we were fuck buddies off and on again since then and when I invited everyone I wanted him there. BUT our relationship didn't end well and most of my friends hate him and I'm scared in case there is some drama there..

Then there's the guy I'm seeing, we've been friends for about 4 years and only recently have we tried dating. My two best girl friends are also his flatmates and will be trying everything to get us alone. His ex from 3 years ago who is also a friend of the group will be there and she's been pretty possessive of him in the past so hopefully we'll keep our distance so that doesn't explode as she would find no shame in exploding at my birthday.

I'm also worried about the dynamic between my ex who says he only wants fuck buddies when he sees me hanging around with this friend who he knows I like. He has a bit of a temper on him and I don't know how he will react (kinda the reason I broke up with him).

How do I not make it obvious I like the guy I like when I'll probably be a little tipsy which makes me more flirty than usual.


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  • You are literally setting yourself up for a problem. You shouldn't have invited the exs. I can tell you that if this was me, this would be a problem. The first boyfriend situation isn't too bad, I can look past that. The 2nd one is way worse. Your most recent relationship, that you gave a pretty bad reason to invite, that didn't end well, because he has anger issues, would be a major thing I dislike. I don't see how the person you are currently seeing can possibly feel good about you wanting him there.

    And it's not just you, I have no idea why an ex that sounds like she isn't over him will be there. What do you think happens when people drink? They just say and do whatever is on their mind. Doesn't sound like she'll be able to keep her cool to me if I'm right and she's not still over him.

    If your party ends normally I'd be completely shocked.

    • Yeah the first boyfriend is not a problem, we share a lot of friends as we dated for about 18 months so it was just automatic to invite him and we're fine. The recent ex was a mistake but he ended up being "ill" anyways so he didn't show up and only apologised when I text him drunk asking where he was.

      She didn't end up being there as she ended up working that night (we did end up in the bar she was working at but she was more focused on her other ex and his gf).

      It actually went great :D

    • Lmao, you lucked out majorly. Pass me some of them lucks, I can use them!

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