Ex said "I could talk to her" then tells me to "seriously go away"?

After the breakup she was the one that stopped talking to me and started ignoring me, so I gave up.

We bumped into each other and I didn't notice her until she said I could talk to her.

I said 'no thank you', because I didn't believe she was being sincere. Since she has ignored me since breakup.

I believe she was hurt by that because she quickly walked off, so I apologized two days later about having blown her off so harshly.

Two weeks later I decide to try and talk to her and she blows ME off very harshly by saying "seriously GO away".

Why did she say "I could talk to her" in the first place if she doesn't want to?


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  • She was just being polite and when you responded like that (a little harsh) she realized it was a mistake.

    • How was it a mistake?

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    • I already did apologize, it says so in the first post!

      The reason we broke up is because she wanted to go on a date with another guy. I didn't find that acceptable, she had cheated on me once before and really didn't think it was a good idea so I told her I didn't want to see her for a long time. She took that as a breakup.

      Told her we could try to fix things like 2 days after the 'breakup. She didn't want to.

      She thinks I'm paranoid. That I don't want her going on a date with someone.

    • She cheated on you? You are not beig paranoid at all. Seems to me like you should forget her. The sooner-the better.

  • she was probably going through something at the time. It isn't all about you.

    • Your comment sounds hateful for no reason. I guess you must be going through something.

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