Guys who talk about their x-gf's a lot?

He doesn't talk about her a lot but random times when we're doing something (or even when naked just talking), he would be like "my x-gf would..." I NEVER talk about my x-bf (we each have one x), only when he asks about him.

Does he just think about her a lot ? why? Should I confront him?

should I dump him?

Guys who tend to do this...please give me some advice :)


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  • he's not over her... I mean I never talk about my ex and even when a new girl asks me.. it bothers me. Because for me.. the past is the past. I lived, learned and experienced... and that's what has made who I am today good or bad.

    So I can see why it sucks hearing about it. But for me.. as a guy it means he is not over her yet. So he relates what you do with his ex. kinda like comparing you both and that isn't right.

    It might be time to confront him about it or let him for or take some space. This is never a good way to start a relationship...

    • They had a 4 month relationship and he dumped her because she wouldn't sleep with him.

      thanks for the help :)

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  • Do you know why they broke up or who broke up with whom?

    It sounds as if he misses her... thus implying he'd probably be with her if she wanted to. ...but that's just my opinion.

    You should definitely have a talk about it if it's bothering you.. it's not normal.

    • They had a 4 month relationship and he dumped her because she wouldn't sleep with him. This was 4 years ago...

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    • We never had sex he's a virgin and I've been with one guy a long time ago ?

    • So then yoy guys talk in the nude, and no sex? That's a liitle odd... but okay... I still say he`s not over her.

  • He's not over her

  • my boyfriend does the same


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