My ex-boyfriend didn't treat me well but I still miss him? I'm confused

I'll try to make this as short as I can... About a month ago, my boyfriend of a year dumped me. His reasons for dumping me were, because he wanted to be single, he thought we were more like "buddies", and he was "tired of hurting me". Our relationship was a turbulent one and there were times when we had such good times, as well as many times where I was just so depressed because he didn't always act like he really cared about me. But I loved him so much and would have done anything for him. I tried to be the best girlfriend I could possibly be and did not act clingy...

So after the breakup, he says he still wants to be friends and "doesn't want me to hate him". A few days later, he sends me a text with a picture of a drawing I made him a long time ago and he said that when he found the drawing, he got "really emotional"...that only added to my confusion.At first I was willing to try being friends but it just hurt too much so I told him I just could not be friends with him anymore. And he blocked me on Facebook and we no longer talk. Then a couple days ago, his best friend told me that my ex cried because he saw something that reminded him of me.

I have been having a mix of emotions since the break up...most days I feel fine and actually stronger and I feel like I've found myself again. But some days I miss him terribly and wish I could go back in time. Why does he apparently miss me if he's the one who left me? And how can I get over every last bit of love and feelings I have for him? Thank you


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  • Both of you had enough good experiences together that you each have reason to miss. But the fact is that you did the best you could and that wasn't enough to keep the relationship alive. Perhaps if he did the best he could, it could have worked out. Regardless, there was little hope of this being a truly successful relationship now or if you tried again later. You now know you have a lot to give someone. There are guys out there who also have a lot to give and would cherish what you have. In time the pain from this will subside and you will feel free to start something new and more promising.

  • My dear friend,do not try to forget and wait for some time more. Even after tat also if you miss him try to go back to him!


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