Did he really break up with me for the reason he said?

My boyfriend broke up with me after he came back from a two week trip in Australia.

when he got back, he didn't seem really interested in talking to me or seeing me. I told him that I didn't want to be an obssesive girl friend, but that it seemed like he didn't care about me anymore. He apologized and said he didn't want to be a negligent boyfriend, but he still remained pretty distant. A few days later, he said he had thought about it over the break, and he decided that our relationship was great, but that it wasn't working for him. He said that I was still an amazing girl, but that he didn't feel "emotionally connected" to me. So my question is, do you think he said what he did just to set me down gently? Was it something I did wrong, or did he get bored? Or did he really just not feel anything anymore? I'm just so confused because I really felt something with him, and I thought he felt the same way...


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  • Sometimes the relationship run their course an it not fault of yours it's time. He might want out b4 he starts to resent you an make a clean break. I don't think it's bored sometimes it's time to walk away when you know this is how far this relationship is going. A lot people hang on when they know the relationship is going no where because they are comfortable an afrad of hurting thier mates feelings instead of walking away so, evertbody can be happy.


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  • Either he's met another girl or he really did think about it and came to that conclusion.


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