Ever meet someone who was just too much like the ex?

i had that happen last night at the bar , was sitting down and a group of 4 girls came and sat near me , I noticed one rate away as she was rate beside me but she also had a very similar look to ex girlfriend . around same age young 20 something , university student , with same colour hair and style, close to same height and same type of gf's also very similar personality and such when at the bar . I did talk to her for a bit but things never went anywhere , I tried to buy her a drink for some reason later at night but she said no.

anyways it was weird to meet someone so similar to the person I had meet previously but maybe she was too similar and it wouldn't of worked out anyways


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  • My assumption, sweetie, your Roving eye is fingering Out girls from the past, with the "same jane" traits and features as your ex girlfriend. You are No exception to the rule when it comes to looking And----finding----"Rebound Rebecca's."

    No, I do not think it would have worked out because I don't think you're ready to leave the past--nor your ex--behind. Yes, it will seem "weird" with every bar, any pub, just no matter where you go, it will seem as though this "ghost" just follows you.

    Might I suggest for Now, until you Are totally ready, keep your intentions "lite and sweet" when meeting someone, and yes-----perhaps gaze into another direction to some Other girl with different hair and eye color.:))xx

    • whats weird is that she came and sat beside me , I didn't go and find this girl in the bar , the one who looked the most like ex came and just like sat beside me what are the odds of that , . but I do agree I'm having a hard time leaving ex or idea of being with her behind

    • Yes, rebound reverie, and I have gone through it..My First love at 13-16, and when I broke it off for my Own pwrsonal choice, every man was "Dan," but never could add up to him..At 21, we had a chance to romance for a nite, but suddenly came my closure with my Climax, you could say..and I set him free at last to marry a Doctor and proceed to have 6 kids and a a lot of bills to boot..:))

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